Top 10 WORST things about work from home

So, while the world was being gripped with fears and overproduced dentist masks, there was a silver lining. In a very sincere mail, your company CEO announced that you can work from home.

You were numbed from happiness.
Not seeing boss every day. Bingo.
Not making small talk with colleagues. Bingo.
Not wearing pants. Jackpot.

But good things have a habit of sucker punching you with bad things. So, what are the worst things about working from home?

1- Work Timing? Who dat? - Working from home means you're working 24/7 and your boss can call you just as you're about cuddle your pillow and make sure your beauty sleep is ruined.

2- There is a lack of continuity in the office gossip - How are you supposed to know if Sheila from accounting ever went out with Nuna from Sales' ex-boyfriend?

3- Your mom thinks you're jobless - Mom has decided that working from home is a sweet vacation for her child to spend some quality time listening to her rant about the price of onions. Makes me want to cry.

4- Loneliness is scary - At this age I would welcome a monster under my bed for company. Don't get me wrong, my internal monologues are always entertaining but the undeniable itch to fight with another human being makes me go mad.

5- Adventures with food - Gone is the excuse for never entering the kitchen, now when the food delivery money runs out, YouTube tells me I can make fried butter in 10 mins. Needs just 2 ingredients which is more than what I have.

6- Zoom on zits - Eating all that fried butter has led to my face trying to play connect the dots. So, when my manager asks me to come on video, I can see a beautiful, distorted version of my face like some 1950 circus mirror.

7- Locomotion deficit- It's true, after sitting for 19 hours straight my knees creak like a haunted house and I take 2 steps and decide that a little bit of hunger might help my crying liver.

8- Fashion faux pas - forget formals on top and pajamas on the bottom. How about sitting in front of your laptop in the only things that fit you - underwear and a poncho.

9- You now know your boss' son Tommy's favorite thing is to hit him in the back of the head with a Lego toy not of his choice. Or how your co-worker's aunt can't find sugar or your client's cat's vegan food is missing.

10- You can procrastina-

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