How Valentine's day came about - Fake News


It was a midweek afternoon in a mid-size conglomerate. Eight employees dragged their feet to the board room as their soul remained behind at their desks, refusing to indulge in humanity's obsession for the mundane.

A thin man with 3 hair that were "combed" neatly on his shining bald head, cleared his throat.

"The sales of some of our items are appalling, the CEO says we have to come up with a marketing strategy by today or else..."

Nobody quite knew what or else was, but they still never wanted to find out.

Employee 1: How am I supposed to sell giant ugly teddy bears that even kids turn their nose at?

Employee 2: Okay this batch of candy is way too sweet; nobody wants to have it for free, how do I get people to pay for it?

Employee 3: Um some sick individual has written nonsense about love in the new greeting cards, who'd buy that?

Employee 4: The new jewelry was probably designed by a four-year-old, it is garish, and no woman would buy it for herself. I can't sell it.

Employee 5: I keep on getting flowers every day from the contractor, who buys flowers anymore?

Employee 6: The new molds and boxes came out in the shape of a heart; it was supposed to be a leaf but there was a mix-up. Anyone buying that will look like a prat.

The thin man looked at Employee 7, who had fallen asleep with open eyes.

It took all seven of them shouting his name to wake him up.

Employee 7: Oh ah, I wasn't sleeping.

Thin man: Really? Then tell us how you plan to sell ugly plushies, cloying candy, sappy greeting cards, gaudy jewelry, fresh flowers, and heart shaped boxes?

Employee 7 blinked as his brain did several creative somersaults.

Employee 7: How about we create a holiday and hype it up. The holiday is about love and if you don’t buy these things for your loved ones, you'll be in the doghouse for a year.

The others looked dumbfounded.

**Employee 6: **But what will we call it, Valentino?

Employee 7: How about Valentine’s Day after my name?

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