Comedy Open Mic Round 2: Winners Announcement

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Here Are The Winners of Round 2

Jester Award (15 HBD): @corvidae - How to Fail at Online Dating No Matter Who You Are: A Comedy Open Mic Contest Entry
The Joker Award (10 HBD): @oldsoulnewb - Hey baby, I'm into crypto..
The Bromedian Award: (5 HBD): @emsonic - Comedy Open Mic Contest - Alcohol is not good
Lucky Clown 5 HBD: @ninjamike - My Biggest Online Pet Peeve
Honorable Comedians: 2 HBD each

@wrestlingdesires - But It's The Truth
@bulldog-joy - Theoretically, it has a bit of a coffee aftertaste!
@insaneworks - COM entry: Michelangelo's stuff... No autocorrect no, bad autocorrect! Miscellaneous things
@hugetiny - Help Me Find My Soulmate!
@zeraton - Me, my girlfriend, and her pet rock: A Comedy Open Mic contest entry

New-COMers Surprize Award - 1 HBD each to @kennysplash and @amazing-grace.

Your rewards should arrive shortly from the @com-fund.

Round 3 is up and running

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