The Best Of The BRIT AWARDS 2022

FORGET thigh gaps: the elbow triangle is the new yardstick by which female beauty is measured during the 2022 Brit Awards.

I was lucky enough to get a VIP pass for the Brit Awards 2022 and tasked myself to look for the sexiest three-point spaces between the female arm and body and i am excited to bring you the following list of the sexiest elbow triangles from the 2022 Brit Awards you’ll ever see!

1.Talia Storm

Less is more here with this astonishing shot from Talia Storm shown here rocking an elbow triangle that you could drive a f’kn bus through!
The elbow is almost covered by her outfit, but shows just enough to reveal her best feature.
Talia has openly revealed that this picture is her favorite elbow portrait so far, and you can see why. Her face says it all: ‘I have a great elbow, so why not flaunt it?”.
The 23yr old Scottisch lass showcases exactly the kind of isosceles arm-placement that sets her apart from you, with your wonky arms all over the place. ..Better stick to wearing ponchos until you can pull this off!

2. Alex Scott
Here is probably the most provocative of the pictures I have - the elbow shrug - by British beauty Alex Scott, displaying the kind of right-angle perfection that would give Pythagoras himself a boner.
Look how she elongates the right arm and turns the nipple of her bow towards the camera. Such poise, and what a statement to all those right-wing elbow critics out there.
That recognisable dimple makes this one of her most memorable elbow shots to date. Raaaaar!!
If you haven’t got an elbow triangle like Alex, you have failed as a woman.

3. Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Isabel Rodrigo is only 18 and for a American girl from California she can fire out an elbow triangle like a woman double her age.
Almost right-angled and often copied but never equaled, her elbow angles are to die for and are based on a technique used by Marilyn Monroe in her day.
Those recognisable dimples makes this one of her most memorable elbow shots to date although some say a bit ‘too right-angled’, prompting plastic surgery fears .

4. Joy Crookes

Holy crap, the double elbow triangle that Joy Crookes, a 24 year old Brit with Irish and Bangladeshi parents, is throwing out there is damn near a perfect equilateral!
This is a level of womanhood that you cannot hope to aspire to, unless you have extensive arm surgery. Doesn’t she carry it out beautifully?

5. Aj Odudu

This is just teasing now isn’t it? Just when you think you’ve seen the sexiest tri-corner space capable of being formed by a woman’s body, and then BAM there goes AJ ODUDU and throws not one backwards elbow triangle but a full double backwards elbow triangle!
How does she do it time after time???? Amazing!. Whatever the case, i love her backwards facing left elbow as much as the right. Mmmmmmmm…so sexy.

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