My Introductary Sephia Toned Photo Should Show How Serious I Am


LOOK at my sephia toned photo. Observe how my eyes stare directly into your soul and penetrate your thoughts. Now try to comprehend how many more books I’ve read than you. Read every sophisticated phrase I crafted for you and succumb to my scrupulous opinion, for you are nothing without people like me.

By now, you already know this is one of those serious in-depth op-eds that people like you share to appear smart. You’re reading some proper thought-out conclusions so don’t even dare trail off without fully reading every single word – I know what you’re like.

You are mine now, for the next five minutes at least. I equate reading my portentous musings to a Sisyphean task, not that you’d know what one of them is.
Or maybe it’s a Varsyllic knot. Or maybe I made that up. You’re too thick and lazy to check, and even if you did, who’d believe you if I was making it up? My photo is too hubristic.

I’m a serious person who says fancy things. Not some two-bit hack rushing to meet a word count. No sir, I take my time, occasionally leaving my desk to walk around my study with one arm of my spectacles in my mouth while airing a pose of deep thought, making sure to let everyone who passes my street-facing, curtain-less window know how incredibly studious I am.

Of course; they already know.
They see my packed bookshelf, my Steuben crystal decanter half full with a dark red scotch, my mysterious demeanour.
They know the kind of social stature I radiate, and soon, so will you.

Look at you now; intrigued by my intellectual jargon and cunning grammar while blissfully unaware I’m needlessly deploying semi-colons right there; not that you would have known.

There, I did it again, just as you checked the scroll bar on the right to see how much more you must read. Bless your little heart for trying – you will need a nap after this, you complete and utter muck savage. You are intellectual coleslaw, my brain is a priceless Fabergé egg.

Concluding now, your vocabulary and worldview have been enriched. A rapprochement between my wisdom and your ignorance has been reached.

You’re welcome.

And now, my full of logical fallacies opinion on that important subject you were previously unable to comprehend is all yours, packed neatly into a four-hundred-and-thirty-four word article for you to valiantly defend online.

Go forth, vote and share, my sherpa mules, for I am the sephia toned knight of the scribe and the light on your path to discovery.

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