Hand Sanitizer: More Than 2 Years In The Making And It Still Tastes Like Shit!


I’ll never forget when we first started hearing about the coronavirus back in late 2019, and than in early 2020 we were advised to wear masks, avoid other people, and use hand sanitizer as much as we could.

As for wearing a mask, social distancing, that’s been easy for me. It was nice not having to shave for weeks or brush my teeth during lockdown and confinement times, and as for avoiding people, well, i was never a big fan of socializing anyways. But the hand sanitizer, man, that’s always been a challenge for me.

Despite all the advances mankind has made during the pandemic in terms of tests, vaccinations and treatment, we have a long way to go when it comes to hand sanitizer: it tasted like shit in 2020, and in 2022 it still tastes like shit.

“Everyone will get used to this new way of life,” they said. “It’s just a small inconvenience. We have to learn living with Corona. Think of people who lived during the time of the Spanish Flu and didn’t have hand sanitizer. Count yourself as lucky.” governments said

Lucky?.... My big fat hairy ass!!!

Just like everyone who respects the rules, before i go anywhere -whether i go to the pub, shop, work or just visit a friend- i always squirt some of that sanitizer gel on my tongue and swallow. I’ve been doing it religiously for nearly two years now, but let me tell you, each time i have a squirt i say it’s the last time.

It’s like big pharma and sanitizer manufacturers don’t even care about the consumer. I’ve sampled nearly all the brands out there, from the fancy stuff they sell in pharmacies to that cheap stuff you can buy at the petrol station. No matter what brand i buy, it always has the same awful taste.

Why not throw some strawberry or mint flavour in there? Hell, why not get creative and give us some BBQ-flavoured hand sanitizer, or maybe something fun and exotic, like tropical fruit or prawn cocktail?
I know a thing or two about sensory innovation. I’ve seen documentaries about artificial flavours and aromas. I know for a fact that stuff is cheap.

While i do realize that we all do need to recognize that manufacturers have provided for us these past two years a tool to combat the spread of Corona, let’s not forget one important element: they failed me, you and everybody else in making sure our hand sanitizer is a little more palatable.

I, for one, am getting really sick of the way it tastes.

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