Special Investigation : Fear Grows As LeoFinance Developers Are Thought To Be Stuck in some Kind of Conference Call Space Prison.

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"He's been gone for 1 year now" claimed the parents of one of the 3 developers in charge of popular crypto platform LeoFinance.
"The only time I see him is when I tune into the weekly conference call and he is there with his two friends. The fella with the McDonalds drive-thru headset and the white hoodie guy."
"I definitely think he has been kidnapped and is trying to send signals for us to come and get him out of whatever he has gotten himself into"

The fears were amplified when the parents of the other two guys have not seen them in real life for a year either.

"We don't think it's a kidnapping" claimed one of the parents.
"They look like they are under no stress whatsoever. We would know if our boy was in difficulty. It gives us hope."
"If they were under stress then they wouldn't be talking shit for 20 minutes before getting into whatever it is they were having the conference call about in the first place."

"She is right" said another parent. "They sure do take a while to get to the LeoFinance bit. They think people care about them fannying about for 20 minutes talking about what they had for breakfast. All anyone tunes in for is to know when polyCub is hitting down which means free crypto."

Some conspiracy theorists think that the LeoFinance lads fell into some kind of crypto worm hole and they are sending messages to the outside world in a bid to get out of being trapped in the online Zoom call hell hole that makes Groundhog Day look like a walk in the park.

One crypto enthusiast is watching the signals.
"The delay in the polyCub launch" said one LeoFinance fan.
"They are talking about some audit that needs doing before they airdrop polyCub. Since when has there been an audit in crypto?? Hahahahaha. It's the wild west. Of course something is up."
"Mentioning an audit is like when Britney Spears put up secret messages on Instagram to tell her fans she was trapped by her dad in the conservatorship."

Other theories doing the rounds are the whole Superman II angle with the three bad guys stuck in the glass floating through space. When the price of Cubdefi dropped to a low of 23 cent from 4 dollars, enough was enough. Someone from the planet Krypton (makes sense) got pissed off with and cast a spell on the three friends. They are now floating through space stuck forever in conference mode.


The parents of white hoodie guy are worried sick.
"He hasn't taken off that hoodie since antshares. He just loves it. It's so comfy.I just hope he has other tops or it might start getting a bit awkward wherever they are based "
"Although it is still immaculate on him. Whoever has him must have a decent washing machine because that hoodie was always a dirt magnet."

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"When polyCub is released hopefully he will treat himself to a new hoodie." said a LeoFinance Fanboy.

A spokesman for McDonald's has commented that they are indeed short a headset but they declined to comment if they were missing a member of staff.
"We go through these crypto guys like wildfire" said the Mcdonald's spokesman.
"You can't really tell one for the other. Every second bearded guy is forming his own liquidity pool these days. They do a poo on the floor of the locker room and that's the last we see of them.... well.... for a year. But they always come back".

If by any chance you do come across a tub of brylcream, a white hoodie and a McDonalds head set please call the auditors CertiK immediately so they can track the 3 friends down and hopefully have polyCub launched in 2022.

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