Scouser on the Ski Slopes.

This is not an entry into round 5 but I found it too funny not to share it with the comedy open mic community.
A Scouser in my part of the world is someone from Liverpool in the UK. They have strong Irish heritage, they are a working class people that Britain have neglected since the 70's. They have a love for football, drinking, having a laugh, going on holiday and they have been known to get into a fight every so often. They are known to have a volatile temperament and are often told to "Calm Down" by their buddies. I love the Scousers because they are passionate about what they do and they stick together and it is a reason why many of the Irish support Liverpool. I think there is a great sense of connection between the two cultures. I saw a video today summed up the Scousers and it was one of the funniest videos I have seen in a long long time. The most famous depiction of a typical Scouser is a moustache and a perm depicted in The Fast Show in the 90's. They have moved on slightly since then but not by much.

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Now bear in mind , the video is people speaking English. Yes English but Scousers have their own language so you might not understand the start of the bloke describing what was about to happen in the video so I will break it down for you.

The friends father who is a Scouser was skiing with his friends. He got separated from them on the ski slopes and ended up on his own. He was going a bit slow and holding up these 5 French skiers who decided to give him a shove to hurry him up a bit. The Liverpudlian did not take kindly to being bullied on the slopes so he got into a melee with the 5 French guys. When he got back to his lodge or cabin, he told his friends what had happened. They didn't believe that he was in a fracas. They saw that he had a Go-Pro camera on his head so they hooked up the Go Pro to the television in the cabin and watched it. The video below is a video of them watching the footage. It is amazing and it has 21,000 likes and counting on Twitter


I was howling at this. The first guy who hits him with the stick gets a two hit combo, ski googles get knocked off. He manages to knock the second guy down with an elbow. Then the ninja French guy goes for the a Mortal Kombat flying kick. The video of him being laid out and sliding down the slope on his back had me in stitches. The funniest moment by a mile. He gets a few more punches in for good measure.
The craic going on while the boys are watching the video is hilarious. They are slagging him off because he was trying to take his ski's off.
“looks like ya tryna kickstart a RM 250” was one quip.
Then when the French guys start attacking, it is just a sight to see. He did well in fairness fighting off 5 of them.
Memes started appearing on Twitter today especially of jump kick man being sprawled out on the slopes.

Screenshot 2022-02-08 161949.jpg
The French swanned off licking their wounds in the end after a drumming by the Scouser. He will return to a hero's welcome this week in the city and he will be given a new nickname befit of his new found fame.

I rarely hare funny videos like this but this was a rare sighting of a Scouser outside of his natural habitat or Benidorm.

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