Local Man Chuffed That His $3,000 Dollar Investment in Play 2 Earn Game Is Returning 2 cent per Day. Comedy Open Mic Round 5.

A local man was ecstatic this morning after his Play 2 Earn game returned the equivalent of 2 pence after battling his way through a tournament in the early hours of Monday morning.
John Ryan from Essex in the UK is finally seeing the fruits of his $3,000 investment in the Play 2 Earn strategy game Tintersands on the Clive blockchain.


"I'm chuffed" explained John to our reporter.
"I spent the whole night battling other players in Tintersands and finally have seen some returns. Not much but it is a start"
"I am still only on level 2 but who knows if I can keep earning these 2p's , I will get to level 3 and win 5p per day." Every penny counts so they say.

John had told his friends about the game but they all think he is a bit mental.
"At this rate he will have his investment paid off in no time," laughed a friend.
"With my calculations it will take him 150,000 days to recoup his initial investment."
"That is only 410 years in human years. Who knows what might happen!!"
"I wonder how much his electricity cost last night while he was playing."

Tintersands has its own currency called ced where the player can purchase better robots with different abilities. So John takes part in the daily tournament in order to earn some ced. There is also oil canisters that increases the chances of a chrome robots but they are worth fuck all and are basically a money racket.

Tintersands have announced that they have made a shit load of money from the game already so they are launching a new group of robots. "The Confused Division" are hitting down this month which will vastly improve the game but also help to build a West Wing onto the main developers mansion.
"It's an exciting time" quoted the Tintersand's main dev.
"I have just got the billiard room plastered and the swimming pool filled so we will be ready to move in soon"
"I just can't believe my luck"
"Oh you mean the game????. My apologises. I thought you meant the .... Yeah that's exciting as well. New cards and all that."

"There are only 8 million of these robots packs that will be minted" claimed a Tintersands PR officier.
"When they are gone they are gone"
Tintersands whales flocked to the presale of the "Confused Division" intended to bring new players into the game. 7.5 million were purchased by the whales leaving only 500,000 for newcomers.

What will happen when the Confused Division Robots are all sold out?
"Ah we will just invent a new group called Trifflookers or some shit like that"
"I am looking at this very nice summer place in Barbados."
"If it looks good then we will maybe invent some properties for the robots to live in and give them extra abilities as well. The possibilities are endless."
Meanwhile in a small room in Essex UK, John has invested another $1,000 to get in at the ground floor with the Confused Division and he has gone up to level 3.
"I can earn up to $20 this year if I put my mind to it."
"My friends all play FIFA. The game costs them €90 and they earn fuck all." boosted John.
"Losers really. They are wasting their time at FIFA and meanwhile I am earning crypto."

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