Miss funny bones on hot seat

Ting-ting, I heard my phone was jumping just like a fish is being rescued from the water. I didn't want her to die in the water. That's why I saved her life by transferring her on land. But she jumped a lot and might be on seeing me she would be excited.

Her eyes were wide might be shocked beauty beautiful queen like me.πŸ’ƒ She was breathing hard hmm might be want to talk with me. I am not saying more as you might over react on my decision. πŸ₯ΊSo the phone about which I was confiding was interview call. TV host invited me to adore his show and I couldn't say No as my fans would be disappointed Nah. (Don't search for me on google, the celebrity like me are not found everywhere. Such rare people are found only on Phone lol)

I attended the TV show and during the interview I answered many questions, let's bring them here.

Tell me about your self!!!
Although it's really horrible, questions take an hour to explain myself. Can anyone of you write a book on me ( I have no money to pay, you can give it later to Museum lol). So in short I am smurffette hey I am not a blue baby instead I am arrogant baby πŸ˜‚. I have short hair but long replies in texts.😲


My eyes have dark circles but my heart Is not black

( you can make my heart colourful by sending me these colourful heart emojis). I have no crown on my head but my teeth have it. So respect my highness ROFL. I am having a separation phobia but still I leave anyone alone when I found them disrespectful and disloyal. Hehe I know it's fair. I can bear everything, hey hey hey don't stare at me as I can't tolerate this hehe. I can do the same but that might break your heart.

( not love in first sight, I call it fight in first sight , breaking bones at first sight )πŸ™‚


Talking about some fun facts about me , hehe I have something to tell but nothing to express. I am not afraid of darkness but still can't watch horror films.i have strong belief in 3rd creation but still I am afraid to research about them.😬

Sometimes they arrive to tell me secrets, they tell me I'm brilliant,( humans don't tell me this Nah). I saw a white shadow numerous times but my mom says it's your own vision, angels don't arrive in the life of darker souls. 😬Still black is my favourite. About writing hehe I have been doing this for what lol I have no other activity to do that's why haha.πŸ₯΄ Honestly, my books look so simple to me that I only revise the syllabus one week before the exams hehe.


My parents wanted me to become a human but lol I became a zombie or Alien hehe πŸ™‚

About some talents I have ;
I remained part time Zombie so now I can keep wake for 2 days minimum without a nap. As fresh as cabbage lol. But you have to hire me for this and what I would want, hmmm not much, only good music and some sweets can keep me open.

I am pro in marshall art (hehe pro doesn't mean I am having black belt instead I have pink belt πŸ˜‚) I learned this not for fighting but for self-defence😬 yups 3 army man used to practice their skills on me. Dragging the sleepy me from the sofa, snatching my favourite food like monkeys.

Hehe I don't know how many time life showed me downfall but it would be less than the numbers of falls I got at home πŸ˜‚ accidental slips lol.

What other talent I have hehe, you should ask Shireen what talent you don't have πŸ₯΄ writer, comedian, singer, presenter, actor, artists, chief,medical advisor, kids care taker, and detective lol. Keep your devil eye from me you satan.

Ok that's all from today actually I am feeling dizzy because it's been two days since I took sleep. Hey no one took my sleep but moon πŸ₯Ί.

He keeps me awake and I use to tell him all the stories in silence. I am afraid might be any writer listening to them will make a romantic,action script from this. Haha. Say no to free entertainment.πŸ˜²πŸ˜‚

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This is is my second time I have been using Ecency, as I wanted to take part in the collaboration by Dreemport-Ecency. Here are the points which I have (if I have all these in point table of Tennis might be I would be worlds Number 1 tennis star haha,). Ending my post with a fresh vibe of success as I have entered final semester of my life.

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