What I am Scared of......

Hello Everyone
How are you, my Hive family?
I hope all my fellows would be buzzing 🐝around happily collecting the nectar from their lives and preparing the honey from it here on hive.

Today I am here to introduce myself. No, not as a newbie to Hive but as per the requirement of the latest Dreemport Contest. Who Am I? I am Amber Kashif. I was not Amber Kashif always. It was a signature that made me so. A signature that has the power to turn things upside down in our lives. It is a signature that may even take you to a new world on earth and you would realize that you were just an ignorant little kid on earth and there is a lot to understand about on this earth. What signature am I talking about? Don’t you know? I am talking about the signature on the wedding papers. Hehe. This signature has the power to turn a goat like woman into a buffalo 🐃. Haven’t you seen women becoming fat after marriage due to hormonal and other issues !!!😲..... Naaaah! No! Try not to ask me if marriage has done this wonder to me. You may not survive my horns.
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Well, where was I? I was introducing myself. During my one year journey on Hive I have written about various aspects of my life. Today, I will tell about something that I haven’t spoken about before and that is what scares me. You might not believe. People around me don’t believe it and think that I am lying 🤥. It is not their fault. It is difficult to believe as I appear so smart and knowledgeable. They are deceived by my appearance 😇.

Today, let me break that image of mine and let people know that how much I am afraid of technology. Not technology in general but that is related to computers, mobiles and IT. You might not believe me. I know, it is not your fault 😉
The Scariest Things On Earth.jpg

Let me make you believe by telling an incident that happened to me

It is the story of the days when I studied in university. I used to travel by university points (buses). Sometimes, when I reached earlier on the points’ terminal, I would reserve a seat for my friend as well. One day I reached earlier, I didn’t know if she would come or not. I made a call to her but I was short of balance. An old fellow of college was also there in the bus. I asked her to make a call to my friend. She took her mobile out, entered the password and gave that to me. It scared me. Why......? It was a smart phone, while I had a feature phone and I had never handled a smart phone. I had no idea how I would dial a number.
Dealing with smartphone .jpg

Anyways, I took the mobile and went back to my seat. I dialled the number and then it collapsed. I gave another try but of no use. Then I was back to home screen a d I didn’t know how to reach to the app from where I could dial the number. Thanking her for the favor, I returned the mobile back to my fellow. Looking at her mobile, she asked me if I had not made the call. It was so embarrassing to reveal the fact that I didn’t know how to use the smart phone 🙈. At that time, I felt like hiding myself somewhere where she couldn’t see me.

4bpK2k0Yru5Us (1).gif

I controlled my feeling and replied her that I reminded that my friend had a class at this time. .... Oh My! How scary this technology has been to me since always..
I am afraid to use any new apps but I keep on looking at them keenly. I do know something like them exist but when it comes to using them, I feel like it is not something made for me; or I am not made for it. I feel like I may never be able to use it. The fear keeps me retained in my comfort zone.
Bean Cheating.jpg

I am still reluctant to use new apps, but there came someone in my life some two years ago whose calls make me take the challenge. She is @dreemsteem.

It is because of her initiatives, contest, games and challenges that I come out of my comfort zone and step ahead to learn the new apps. It has done wonders. It is because of her that I learned to use canva, bitmoji, giphy and viva video. When I started using canva frequently, I was amazed to see the response of people. They asked me if I was a graphic designer. I never saw this coming. Amazing......😮

So, the fact is that every time Dreems calls for the use of some app or technology, it becomes easier for me. Just take the recent example. I knew that Ecency gives points for using the front-end, but I never stepped out to use it (because of my general fear about using new technology) until @dreemport announced the challenge. Now, here I am using it efficiently. Here 👇 is the screenshot showing the points I have accumulated until this Monday morning.

Now I am eager to earn more points, and vote like a whale. Want to know how you can vote like a whale using ecency?? Visit this post of Dreemsteem. Want to earn ecency points and dreem token simultaneously??? Join us in the fun with Dreemport Challenge.


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