30 Days Blogging Challenge - 01 Edition - Day 15 - Your favorite movie - Screamers (1995) (2021.05.27)

I am halfway through the first edition of the challenge.

Today's topic is my favorite movie. I have many favorite movies, but I intentionally tried to choose a less known, underrated movie.

Screamers (1995)

This is sci-fi fantasy horror. Despite the fact that it is a low budget movie, it is actually a very good movie. It is based on the "Second Variety" novelette by Philip K. Dick.

I try to write about it without spoilers, but read at your own risk.

We are in the future (in 2078) on a different planet (on Sirius 6B). The department of defense make a defensive device (an automatic weapon), which attacks from underground. This thing is super intelligent, and it can improve itself. But this weapon will soon fight only for itself, making its only goal to kill every species.

Image source: http://basementrejects.com.

The goal of the novel and the movie is to make you think. The enemy is also improving. There are multiple types. And not only their bodies are changing, but the software is also improving. Their operating and killing strategies are changing. They realize that the patience, the non-sudden killing may lead to strategic advantage. Entering the base, spying, getting to know the enemy, maybe owning the radio (misleading or impossible communication with other planets), etc.

The story is like a chess game. You have to get to know the enemy, and the enemy do the same, because it want to trick you, and it change its strategy over time, and you have to react to that. Just like in real life.

The enemy disguise itself, and mimic the behavior of the humans. The many types has many tasks and strategies. Sometimes they support each other, sometimes they do not even know about each other. And they trick even those, who pay attention.

All in all both the novel and the movie reaches its goal. You will think.

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