Origin of my Blog's name - 30 days blogging challenge


I thought it would be a good time to participate in this challenge. I have being hit with a serious "photography block" lately, if that's even a thing. Nothing to shoot, no motivation or vibe to go out there, just laying around like a sloth, its dreadful. I also gotta say thank you to @starstrings01 making this post possible,so we begin.



Day 1 - My blog Name

My name is actually Steven. I am a Nigerian, the eastern part of it and I have a native name "Chukwuebuka". He name means "God is great". Anyhoo, you are probably now wondering, how the new Stevenson came about, well I'd tell you.


There I was with my smartphone, trying to edit Some really cool pictures I took with my smartphone. When done, I thought of a name to use as a sort of label, a watermark for my works. Everyone else's uses their name, so I figured I should start of with my name, Steven. While trying to type Steven Photography, boom, my keypad suggested Stevenson, it new to me and a beautiful name, why not I thought. I really enjoy Football, and I like play as a left winger often times. The number 7 signifies that position on the playing field so voila, Stevenson7 was born. My full name "Steven Ebuka" is also written as my main blog name, Ebuka which means great is a short form for Chukwuebuka. Stevenson7 is my username. Well, there you have it, weirdness, haha. Thank you for stopping by.
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