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Twenty(20) Facts about me.
We are different from others, each of us has different interest, different hobbies and different lifestyles. You could say everyone of us are unique in our own ways.

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Here are 20 facts about me.

  • My full name is Otuya Sharon Chibuzor.

  • I'm the third daughter and the last girl. 6th born among 7 siblings (4boys and 3girls).

  • I was born in Delta State Issele-uku precisely and I spent most of my childhood in different locations such as Delta, Lagos and Abia State. I am a citizen of Nigeria by birth.

  • I was tender when I lost my parents which made me to always be on motion. Moving from different places.

  • I like watching action movies and love watching Chelsea football but I'm not a football fan.

  • I love music, like it's part of me. Music has its way of melting my heart both Christian, hip-hop, love songs, afrobeat and many more.

  • On a normal day I am a nice person but sometimes the way you treat me determines the way I treat you too.

  • I love cleanliness and neatness. I am that kind of person that is very conscious of my health and my well being by making sure I maintain personal hygiene.

  • I am an emotional person, a good lover and I'm down to earth. Like they said women are more emotional than men, I cry alot whenever I'm hurt and sometimes I wish I could get all the parental love I never had.

  • I love honesty because what I don't like is having a liar as a friend. I am a honest and sincere person.


  • I can be quickly angered though I'm working on it. I am that kind of person that speaks up once I'm offended instead of hiding it.

  • I have high self esteem because one thing I believe in life is that you are what you tell yourself. That's not ego but self motivation.

  • I love inspiring people because I find it easy to encourage people to do the needful towards achieving their goals.

  • I am a jovial person. I make people laugh alot and sometimes I can be a good listener. My friends rarely know when I'm been serious and joking.

  • My hobbies are listening to music, dancing, watching movies mostly cartoons and reading.

  • I found a new hobby which is writing and I'm loving it. I'm open to new things new ideas and making new friends.

  • I am a fashionista. I love fashion since I was little it just gives me joy each time I'm working, making creative designs, putting them into practice and most especially rocking my outfit.

  • My favorite dish is fried beans with plantain, favorite color is red.

  • I don't smoke nor take alcoholic drinks, I like clubbing once a while, I love to travel to new places, meet new friends and have new ideas about different culture.

  • I like been independent, work to earn my own money, spend it the way I like and not someone asking me how I spent the money and what I needed the money for.

Hmmm... I think that's all for now, thanks for reading. And I hope you find out something interesting about me.

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