L3D1 - What are my current values in life?


Hello Blogging Challenge, it's projectmamabg again. I finished the second level of the contest so I continue with the next pile of topics.

Today's topic is about the values of life

I believe that my values have not changed over time. They lead me to a better life and a healthier way of thinking and feeling about myself.

Values are important and enduring beliefs or ideals shared by people about what is good or bad, desirable or undesirable, right or wrong.

My values are:


  • Family

To me, family is not just a gathering of people in some weird way. Family is support, happiness, thought and success.

When a person has the support of their family no matter what situation they are in they are able to get out of an awkward situation or expand their horizons and have more success.

  • Honesty

I believe in having good and clean relationships with other people and strive to have those with everyone. Are we honest with ourselves? Are we doing things that hurt other people mentally or physically?

Honesty is very important to me. There's no way I don't make some mistakes too on a daily basis, but I try to correct myself when I find I've made one.


  • Diligence

I am persistent in my pursuits. I do a lot of different things and I try to make them all go together. I don't enjoy easy success, I feel it is not deserved. Everything in my life has been achieved with hard work, sleepless nights and sometimes nervous crises, but I have achieved my successes. I am sure that even greater successes await me in the future!

  • Demanding

I don't know how to define this trait of mine. Whenever I am assigned a project, I am always looking to polish it to the last detail before handing it over. When I've had to be in charge of a project, more than once I've had my colleagues come back to finish or change something because it wasn't done the way it was supposed to be done.


  • Diplomacy

On many occasions, I have mediated other people's disputes and managed to mend their relationships with diplomacy.

  • Kindness

I believe in kindness and that it should be passed on and not held to one place. It is like a butterfly, it lands on your shoulder - you admire it briefly and it flies away to make someone else happy.

  • Enthusiasm

For me, motivation and enthusiasm overlap. I get enthusiastic about new projects I come across or get involved in. This is where my persistence makes me even more motivated to achieve the set goal

  • Efficiency

I don't like a life of mindless actions. Almost every action I take has some direction. I try my best when I do something to learn, win or be proud of it. What I strive for is that every move I make is effective, which is why I choose the projects I participate in to ensure my effectiveness.


  • Endurance / Patience

I'm naturally resilient, I can withstand pain, stupidity and whatnot. I can't determine for myself if it's a virtue or not. I'm a patient person, I don't snap easily, but there can always be that last drop that overflows the cup and Armageddon happens.

  • Competence

I have many hobbies and knowledge, I try when I speak up about something to really understand what I am talking about and not share already memorized phrases and words said by someone else.

  • Loyalty

I am loyal. When a program or an idea or a thought strikes me, I try to support it.


  • Curiosity

Perhaps this is one of my best traits. I am inquisitive and interested in many things. Sometimes I think I don't have time for everything, but the strange thing is that I do. Out of curiosity I learned to crochet, paper knit and many other things. Out of curiosity, I also signed up for Hive.

  • Motivation

I'm motivated to achieve the goals I set for myself. It doesn't matter if I set them for myself or someone else. If I see meaning in an activity my motivation is even greater.


  • Optimism

I always try to look at every situation positively. Don't get me wrong I also get into bad situations of deadlock but I manage to take the bad moment as a lesson for the future.

  • Originality / Creativity

As strange as it sounds I am original. My mind is constantly churning out different ideas and projects that I can get involved in or create. For many of them, I haven't found an equivalent.

  • Preparedness/Practicality

I'm a Capricorn and when I enter a fight I believe in being prepared. If I'm not prepared to win the war I won't try to fight - one has to know the limit of one's capabilities and know when a cause is impossible.

  • Support

I believe in good relations between people, that's why I help and support everyone who asks me for help. I have proven to myself more than once that when you are dedicated to a cause everything falls into place.


  • Friendship

I'm a good friend, sometimes I'm late for meetings but I never give up going. I help my friends with whatever I can, just like they have helped me.

  • Professionalism

I've long been a firm believer that to work in a healthy work environment, to feel safe and relaxed there needs to be a great deal of professionalism in you. No matter what you do you should speak to everyone with the same care and respect.

  • Directness

I don't like people who stick a knife in another person's or friend's back, so I try to be straightforward with everyone. Sometimes I'm rude, sometimes I'm nice. It all depends on the state of the person across from me and how they take my words.


  • Teamwork

I have always enjoyed working in a team. That way there is an unspoken competition between people in the team which helps for better results at the end. I work successfully in multiple teams looking to contribute to each group I am involved in.

  • Compassion / Generosity

I am compassionate, which is why I try to do fundraisers for people who are in need. I already have 2 successful campaigns like this, I hope I can do more and help more people like this.

  • Harmony

I try to live in harmony with myself. If I'm not in Harmony myself, I can't show the little boy at home what peace, love, compassion, pain, laughter and what not mean.


  • Sensitivity

I am extremely sensitive. I may sound like a bad lady, but I'm not. I am vulnerable. I hurt from many things and words. I try not to show this trait to anyone, but sometimes situations escalate so quickly that I can't handle my emotions myself.

  • Happiness

I am happy. I enjoy every little success I or someone I know has. I'm happy when my son eats his food, I'm genuinely happy when he hugs me, and as it happened last night he called me "mama" stubbornly thinking I'm a "meme" and he's a "mimi". There are many things I am grateful for and make me happy.

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Thank you for reading and have a gorgeous day!

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