Word "Successful", Who Comes to Your Mind?

What I define a successful person to be? A successful man or woman is a person that can handle their life responsibilities, without complaining or trying to find fault when things don't go as planned for them. A successful man or woman for me is someone who sets goals and go ahead to achieve them without holding back knowing full well, there will be limitations ahead.

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Good day to you guys, today I will be starting the part two of my 30 Days Blogging Challenge, and the theme for today is Word "Successful", Who Comes to Your Mind? Today I will be sharing with you some of the qualities that define this person as a successful person to me.


So, the one person that comes to my mind each time I look at this topic, happen to be my sister Frankness. Frankness happen to be a graduate, she studied, theatre art in school and today she's an hair stylist in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria. She's the owner of Franny's Beauty Saloon in Asaba, and by the grace of God, she is definitely good at what she does. Over the years, I have watched her grow and develop herself to become the lady that she is today and I must say, I'm proud of her.

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Frankness have clear-cut goals. Instead of vague goals like “become rich,” her goals are very specific, like “expand from one to three stores within the next two years.”

By gaining clarity on her goals, this actually make attaining them far more possible. First, the goals become specific motivating factors, which keep her going when times get tough. Second, these goals provide a blueprint for her career. She have something specific to work towards. With her idea of success defined, she can break down the goals into more manageable milestones which can be worked toward incrementally. This is one quality I really love about her and I have watch her do most of these things one after the other.


One of the most defining traits of Frankness as a successful person is her drive. After all, setting clear goals is one thing. However, she has a strong drive to actually attain her goals. It’s that so-called “never die say spirit” that motivates her to succeed. It gives her a laser focus so that she can devote all of her attention and efforts towards furthering her progress towards her dreams. A successful person with a strong sense of drive is able to work tirelessly, because they believe in their abilities and truly want to attain their goals, and that's one quality Frankness have shown all these while.


People who are bound to achieve great things recognize the importance of patience and they’re willing to take it slow but steady to win the race. Patience allows them to persist even in the face of adversity because they have the foresight to learn from mistakes and see that they will pay off in the future. Being patient isn’t always fun. It can be challenging. But in the long run, you’ll be rewarded with longevity and steadiness in your career if you can cultivate the trait of patience. This is a quality she has, she can be so calm about a situation and try to work her way out of the situation with patience in her heart, instead of going around complaining about the challenges she's going through.


Success rewards consistency. To be consistent, you have to have discipline. Working hard for a week and then slacking off isn’t going to yield incredible results. Many of the most successful people find that establishing a routine is one of the keys to making their dreams a reality, as it allows them to be consistent in their efforts. This is something Frankness is good at, she discipline herself enough to be consistent at what she does in other to continue expanding what she has slowly developed for herself. Her discipline towards work is just so amazing and really lovely to watch. By being consistent and disciplined and devoting yourself to grow, you’ll reap many rewards in work and in life. This is a key trait that allows people to enjoy not only success but longevity in their career.

I know I say it to her most of the times, but I just can't help but say, Unweh-Robertson Frankness, I'm proud of the Successful Woman you've become. There is more to achieve, and I believe you will achieve them as long as you always stay focused and remain disciplined about all you do, just know little bro love you ❤️

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