Things change and when they do, they change fast

Hello everyone, this is the 10th day of my 30 Days Blogging Challenge, the topics for day 6, 7, 8 and 9 just didn't seat well with me, so, I decided it's best I leave them. The theme for today's challenge has to do with predictions and it's, "What Will Happen in 5 Years?"

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Today, I will be sharing my thoughts on what might happen five years from now, however, nothing is certain, only time will tell how the future will unfold. Below are some of the things I feel will cause real changes to the world in 5 years time.


Five years from now, people will use crypto more instead of Western Union. Currently, a lot of persons are already involve in the crypto world but five years from now, the number of individuals dealing with crtypo currency would heighten even more. People want to send money across the world without any penalty, and the crypto world allows that for it's users, which is something our local banks do not permit or isn't easy assessing unlike the cypto currencies. For these banks to continue to compete, it will be more beneficial if all banks adopt the use of crypto currencies as well.


Once upon a time, we would wait for our TV stations to show us our favourite shows and movies, fast forward to some years later, CD's and DVD's became a norm, then the cable folks came and they got our attention with even better programs to watch, but today, online streaming is slowly becoming a norm for us all. Five years from now, the cable companies and even cinemas will beg the likes of Netflix and Disney because they will rule our screen with the online streaming system. No doubt, they are already doing that, but five years from now, it would become more adopted.


The world today is full of light pollution, noise pollution and high stress levels, many people have trouble sleeping on a regular basis. With the current technologies available, one can now monitor their sleep level using sleep monitoring apps that track the quantity and quality of the sleep you get during your night time. Because of the way the world is changing daily, I feel sleep optimizers that utilize artificial intelligence should hit the mainstream market in the next 5 years.


Presently, 3D printing already has many uses in the medical field. But, the use of 3D printing in the medical field will likely increase significantly in the next 5 years. This will mean, more refined, functional, and readily available 3D Printed Prosthetic limbs, implants or even living organs for transparents.

The world is changing everyday and I must say, in 5 years time, so many changes will be upon us. The question is, "ARE WE READY FOR THESE CHANGES?"

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