What are your pet peeves?

There are behaviors people display around me that annoy me. Not necessarily because they are bad, only because I do not like them. I'll list them in a few minutes.

Trying to explain a movie

It's fine if you are explaining a movie I haven't seen or do not have any intention to, but, if you are explaining a movie while we are watching, I will get mad.

Be quiet, the movie is about to start

My girlfriend does this all the time. I avoid watching a movie with her because she tries to explain the scenes as we watch.

It doesn't matter if she had seen the movie before then or not. She also makes it look as though she can predict the acts and outcomes.

Seeing a movie to me always feels like an experience. I want to understand the intrigues the different casts are trying to play. And I won't be able to do this if someone keeps interrupting and filling in suggestions.

It dulls my imaginations because I will be forced to watch ahead to see if the human was right about the outcome

Interrupting conversations

It's not that I hate this one when done to me, I always don't care, I only draw the conclusion that the person in front of me isn't a good listener.

I tend to hate it when I witness it happening to a different person. I usually feel like hitting the interrupting human and scream to his face, that he should allow the other person to talk.

We need to learn to pay attention when someone else is speaking. Instead of waiting for them to land so, we can say what's on our minds.
It shows you are not paying attention and you just want to make your intentions clear without considering what the other party wants.

We must improve our communication skills by being good listeners.

Don't talk to me when I am using headphones for crying out loud

Hahahahaha....does that heading sound as though I am screaming? Yes, I am.

When I use headphones, it means, "do not disturb" but someone will see the signs and still break the rules.

please don't talk to me, right now, come back later

I hate it. I just want to listen to my music and think or write or enjoy the moment.... please don't talk to me, right now, come back later.

Can you please drive faster, thank you very much?

Oh no, I hate this part the most....it's annoying. I took a taxi because I wanted to move faster, get to my destination faster, yet, this driver is driving slowly as a snail.

Drive faster, I am late

Gosh ...in these scenes, I usually regret taking the bus or taxi because I feel I would have gotten to my destination if I was walking.

I am talking about slow drivers who drive at the same speed limit as someone who is walking fast to meet up with someone or something important. ....phew 😌

Correcting grammars

I don't hate this one for my sake....you can go ahead and correct me. I hate it when it is obvious to other people that you do it all the time. You can't go around correcting everyone's grammar, it will annoy them.

I have this friend who is always bent on correcting himself when we chat. This annoys me......you don't have to prove anything.....I am aware you are good with your grammar, a little keypads typo shouldn't be corrected every time it pops up. For crying out loud, we are conversing with ourselves in a closed system, not in the public 😴

Do you have pet peeves too? It could be the tiniest acts or behavior from other people, share them with me in the comment box. Thank you for reading.

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