Listen to the music as you read.....You are about to have a favorite quote

If you live your dreams, you will find destiny.

That's my favorite quote. I don't even know if it's a quote or not. All I know is that the first time I heard it, I committed it to memory and never let go

Believe in your dreams

My siblings and I were watching a new barbie series of cartoon, that day, we watched, Barbie Princess and the Pauper, it was one of the soundtracks that gave me the quote that I have held unto for ever

Your dreams is written in your heart

The title of the song is written in your heart. From the lyrics, if you listen carefully, you will find lots of words of wisdom, and they are likely to touch the core of your very being.

For instance, one part encourages one to never be afraid to start afresh. As long as you believe, because when you are able to find a place where your heart belongs, nothing will take you away from it.

In the world that we live today, you already know that doing something and dumping it in the hopes of starting afresh is frown upon. Your Friends are likely to think you are stupid. If you try thinking about it, you may commit suicide. That is because your life may not be working out perfectly as everyone else.

This song tries to give the notion that courage is the key that opens every door. This means you never know what's in the other end of the room until you try to find out. Regardless of the circumstances or challenges you may be facing, as long as you are courageous enough to take the bold step forward, the doors will be opened.

Which brings us to my favorite quote centering upon living ones dreams and finding destiny. No one knows where the things we do may lead us to especially if you had to give something up and start afresh as we discussed above.

This quote proves that if you live your dreams, you'll find destiny. And it is right, add up everything the song says, and you will see that the ending is just perfect.

If you do not try to listen to the scream of your friends telling you how foolish your decisions are, and continue living your dreams, you will find that you will actually live your destiny some day.

I have used this songs in diverse ways. For instance, there was a time I struggled with most of my Mathematics topics, therefore, knowing, understanding and becoming proficient in Maths became my dreams

I found myself leaving everything out, and concentrating on gaining access to mathematics and numbers more in order to understand and grasp the techniques

I did it for as long as I can remember, up to 2 years or more, I studied everyday, without relenting efforts. Finally, I got a good grasp of it, and it was through that acquired knowledge that I had my first love story

That person was attracted to me because I knew my numbers and he wanted me to teach him. It was in the course of teaching him that love happened

I always look back and think that, it could only be because I followed my heart and dig into living my dreams, and that brought the love destiny into reality

My favorite quote is not just a quote, I have lived every line, and I have found it to be true.

The next time you feel you are out of proportion because of what your dreams looks like, remember this quote

The next time you feel others are doing better than you, remember this quote, so you will be reminded that your destiny is written in your heart and not that of your friends career, or achievements.

Understand that the beginning will be difficult because most definitely, you will be going in the opposite direction as compared to other people. Reality might suck, and you will try to escape reality by staying rooted in your dreams.

I do not advice you to leave reality because of your dreams, no, instead, I want you to listen to this music everytime, and embrace who you are, and the dreams in your hearts.

Then, find ways by which reality can be connected to your dreams,and live in harmony with yourself, your environment, and those who doubted the viability of your dreams in the beginning

Does your dreams seem strange and out of place? Share with me in the comment box, and hit the reblog button so your friends and followers can join in the conversation.

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