3 personality traits you are proud of.

We all have specific personalities perculiar to us as an individual. Either inherited biologically, company or cultivated intentionally.

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In terms of personality traits, i'm proud of someone very active who is capable with leadership and administration wherever they are being found.

I majorly appreciate three (3) personalities which includes:

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Self Esteem

I can't be intimidated easily because I believe in myself and I'm my best cheer leader. I always believe I'm what I believe or say I'm in my mind not what people believe about me.

Some people are just meant to intimidate you to show you're worthless most especially when you're not financially well to do, so having a healthy self esteem help you break the barrier of fear and low self-esteem while making those that see you less will begin to look up to you.



Self discipline

A life without vision, will lack discipline because it's where you are going that determination your steps and limits.

If you don't define boundaries and what you want, you'll be left with no option but to accept an unhealthy choice in life. Self discipline commands respect as people knows you for who you are. It's not pride as some people might mis-term it. So if your purpose is not defined, abuse on you will definitely be inevitable.




You cannot be right all the time, we must understand no one is yet perfect and we make mistakes knowingly or otherwise.

It's therefore necessary to learn to be compassionate, patient and kind to others connected or in contact with you per time, often pardon people's excessive actions and learn to forgive quickly because you can also be in their shoes someday.

I love putting myself in someone's else's shoe. I'll never like to do to someone what i dont want them to do to me. Empathy brings about love, care and concern for people around you. You can go an extra mile to put a smile on someones' face. So empathy is another desirable personality trait i love and value so much. I love those who exhibit empathetic characters. It worths more than gold and give you a desirable name before people of the world at large.

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