Vacay walk through town in Mossel Bay


This weekend we arrived in Mossel Bay for a few days away. We’re road tripping from Cape Town to Mossel Bay, followed by Plettenberg Bay and then Surfing mecca Jeffreys Bay.


Mossel Bay is always the first stop and a spot we have been visiting since I was born! Roll back in my feed to the Red Berry Farm and Ocean Zipline posts from our last trip. This time we’re taking it easy but I’m still getting in a run or walk every morning around the town.




I start my run at The Point at the beach where the coastal boardwalk takes you along the waters edge toward the harbour.



As the path turns towards town I pass through a boat building and fishing supply area with some interesting smells. But behind an old palisade fence is a broken down and abandoned trailer that seems to now be inhabited by a sweet old ginger cat.




The town is old and an interesting mix of old, new, restored and neglected. As I walk down the back roads on the edge of town it’s interesting to see the large stone houses on the upper side of the hill and the smaller, possibly the original servants quarters below the road.




At the end of the road I turn right down a steep wide road lined with old grocery stores and gold traders. But at the bottom of the road is the beautiful old Dutch Reformed Church. It’s been well taken care of and stands proudly in the centre of the town. Right next to it is the newer building that’s used on Sundays. As I stood taking these photos the church bells chimed the hour.


On the next block I spot a well plastered building with gorgeous mouldings which seems vacant. Right next door the yellow building is home to a graffiti portrait of our very own Nelson Mandela.





This town really knows how to celebrate Nelson Mandela. The local tourism Center commissioned an artist to create a supersized sculpture made of him completely made recycled metals. The artist went above and beyond by documenting the life of Mandela across the front of the sculpture.


I continued past a fence that boarders the port of Mossel Bay. It’s a stark contrast to the well maintained houses up the hill. It also makes me wonder how the port functions with such derelict buildings.



Just one block up the hill is this restored warehouse that is now the home to an Art Gallery. And just across the road from the gallery is The Blue shed, a shabby shed converted into a very busy coffee house whose car park is packed with relics from years gone by including an old fire engine, a school bus and an old school land rover.




The last leg of my walk take me back in a circle past the old cave at the start of the Cape St Blaize hiking trail. Directly below is a rocky gully popular with locals and tourists and a regular swimming spot on warm days. We’ve been coming here for years but that’s for another post.


I always save the best for last. I love the view of this stretch back to our vacay spot. On weekends this stretch is teaming with visitors and beach goers. On the left is the camp site where we camped when I was a kid and up ahead is the Point Village where we tend to book these days.

I hope you enjoyed the walk. These photos were taken over the last two days and you can see the dramatic change in weather. Yesterday the sun was gorgeous and today we’re all bundled up watching movies.

Watch this space for more travel adventures in Mossel Bay and beyond.