Muizenberg musings.... Surfers Corner and lovely old architecture.


We have been visiting this corner of the beach at Muizenberg since I was born. I grew up with my dad surfing here while we played on the beach break, and then I learned to surf here with an instructor that had 4 wolves for dogs. These days I walk while my dad and my husband go for a surf together.


It’s a very regular thing for us to do as a family. Head to the beach, get a coffee, breakfast, someone gets a bit sunburned and we eventually head home for a nap. Things that weekends should always be!



So last Saturday we did just that. My dad drove through from the City to meet us at Muizenberg in the far right corner, called Surfers Corner. The carpark is ALWAYS packed. But it was Easter weekend, so it was particularly bad. My dad, being a smart Alec, parked on the dirt road right at the far end and blocked 2 spaces. When we arrived 5 minutes later he quickly moved the car over so that we could have a parking with a gorgeous sea view. He does stuff like that. I hope that I do too.



Grant and my dad got out their surf boards. The waves were pretty small, so they used bigger boards, waxed up and headed out. It was small but looked so pretty in the warm mid morning sun.



Seth and I took a walk along the boardwalk which runs all the way along the coastline towards St James Beach. It’s not a long walk, about 1km to St James and then we turned around and came back. Both Muizenberg beach and St James beach are well known for their multicoloured beach huts. They’re used for changing and for families during their day the beach. They are iconic and often used in advertisements for Cape Town. But to us they have just always been there. I guess we take them for granted.




As Seth and I walk we chat and say “Hello” to others walking past us. They probably walk this route regularly too! After all, this is the sport where many a family have memorialised their family members by dedicating a bench with a see view to them.




This walk always reminds me of the legacies these folk have left. And ours. My grandfather also loved this walk, and he loved the sun, and he loved spearfishing and diving. This was one of his regular hoods. He died in 2000 before COVID and all the craziness began. Just small mercies, he would have hated being separated from his family for months on end.



We walk on just to the edge of St James Beach and then turn back along the railway lines that follow the same route. There are no trains on Easter Weekend. I think it was to avoid crowds at the beach but I don’t know if it helped.


Just as we head back we see and baby seal that must gotten stranded the previous night and unfortunately didn’t make it.



We sat and enjoyed the view on a bench for a while until my dad and Grant got out of the sea and headed back to the car.



That was our cue get a table at Knead. Knead have been around for about a decade now and serve awesome, freshly made food every day. And their bakery is GLORIOUS!!! Hence the name Knead.


We ordered coffees, breakfast, chicken toasties and I got a rainbow breakfast bowl. All the food is tasty and moreish.




You just can’t get enough. The service is decent and there is always beach sand in the floor but what do you expect in a little beach town.

My dad needed to head home so we head out for the short walk back to the cars. You can’t help but admire these old gems of buildings. A friend used the stay in the block above Knead and she says it was crumbling and neglected back then. But today the facades are all beautifully restored and look fresh and inviting.



Knead isn’t the only cafe along the stretch. You can also get fish n chips, bagels, falafel, great cake, smoothies, coffees and super healthy vegan stuff at the The Harvest Table across the tracks.


Other than food, you’ll good surf shop after surf shop teaming with folk ready to teach you to surf or hire our a board. A few of our friends have taught surf lessons here, so we are quite used to bumping into Folk we know at the beach.


Another gorgeous Saturday morning spent at Muizenberg corner and now I’m ready for a nap.

This is a little adventurous walk / surf that would definitely keep you entertained for house!


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