In Middle of Nowhere

Hello travel lovers,

The summer is a time for adventure whether it be going on a day hike, a night camp or just go to the beach. If you happen to visit Da Nang, Viet Nam in summer, I'd to take you to somewhere unpopular but adventurous.

I said in my introduction article that I'm a freelancer, but I'm also an adventure seeker who is always up for a new challenge. I've spent time in my city's wild and gorgeous forest, and I'm confident I'll take you somewhere less popular so we can have the place to ourselves.


There are several well-known tourist attractions in Da Nang, such as My Khe Beach, Ba Na Hills, Son Tra Peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son Marble Mountain,...but we also have magical mountains and forests that's unknown by tourists. Today, I'd show you the most memorable to the jungle that I called "nowhere in the middle" which you won't be disturbed by anything anyone. Just you and nature. Ok, let's come with me on the adventure.


I have no idea the name of the place, but it locates in Hoa Bac near where I live, about 40km from the city center. The place is not found on google map. We followed a local friend and found the way ourselves. I really love the area as it's the most beautiful part of our city.


There are stunning rivers and streams that can be found around which create stunning scenery. My friend and I spent 2 nights 3 days enjoying the forest, camping, and fishing.

It was a wonderful trip. We really wanted to stay longer but we ran out of food.

The video taken by Mavic Air and Xiaomi K30 5g. Thank you for watching my video and thanks a lot to @trangbaby and other members to guide me on how to use pineapple and 3.speak.
It seems a bit challenging. 😃

If you plan to visit Da Nang, don't hesitate to contact me and I'm willing to be your tour guide. Greetings from Viet Nam.

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