Dawn on Nguyen Tat Thanh Beach

Hi Hive friends, I hope you're having a good day.

How do you feel today?
I had a very happy morning, yesterday I bought myself an old camera from a friend.




This camera was released 7 years ago, and it used to be one of my favorite cameras. At that time when I was a student, this camera sold for a pretty high price and I couldn't afford to buy it, but it's not expensive now. That is the Fujifilm X-T10, I bought it for 3,000,000 VND and two 35mm and 12mm lenses for 8,000,000 VND for both lenses. The device uses a 16 MP APS-C sensor with a 1.5 crop factor. And this is the first mirrorless camera that I used, currently, I am using a Nikon main camera and I bought this Fujifilm camera as a secondary camera, with a light, elegant body along with The lens is very small, which is very convenient for me to carry on every outing.




And the place where I want to test this camera today is at a beach in my city. I bought a bottle of ready-to-drink coffee with an expiry date of 48 hours to enjoy the coffee and watch the sunrise in the morning, it was a great experience. I tested the machine before the sun came up with a small body, but the quality that the X-T10 delivers is an impressive result.


In the early morning, the beach is quite empty. The sun rose from the horizon, hidden by a few clouds, but not because of that to lose its great beauty. Everything is so peaceful for a new day to begin. The rays of sunlight shining down on the long white sand beach, weaving together the green water spinach plants make up a brilliant color of the dawn scene here. Early in the morning when the winds have not yet blown strong, each wave gently slapping the shore along with a song without lyrics is a very wonderful experience. I picked up an empty conch shell on the sand, brought it to my ear. Amazingly, I can hear the sounds of the sea this way. People and nature seem to blend, creating a strange and indescribable feeling. Underneath the bushes with burrows, I captured a crab hiding in the cave glancing at me, they seem shy to model for me.




I enjoy the morning on the beach and drinking my favorite coffee, testing my camera successfully as expected, I am quite happy to own a good camera and I will use this camera for the next trips. I'm sure I will have many good articles with these photos.

I leave the beach and head back to the city to start the day. This is also my entry for #beachwednesday edition 19, run by @uwelang. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and Have a nice day!!

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