Golf Practice with my son.

My son and I was invited to a new golf course in Taiwan where its our first time and we heard good things about this place. Luckily, his class for the day was in the practice range in the golf course so we were pretty excited to see what it was like.

The name of this place is called Royal Kuan-Hsi Golf Course and it was not too far from where we live... about a 40 min drive. Not too bad.

We were in for a surprise because the place really was like a paradise... almost like a cartoon cause the grass and vegetation were so well groomed and maintained. At the same time, the weather that day was extra sunny so it really added some good vibes to the place.

I consider myself and my family pretty new at golf since we all started lessons last year. So we didn't really have much experience in playing 9 hole or 18 hole games. I think its about time we put that to the test. However, till then we will keep on practicing. :)

The class is very relaxed with kids focused group... I get to see them play for about an hour and a half. Or I play some balls on the range if there is any available.

This golf course sure had a lot to see. The air is super clean and I feel like I am in a video game for some reason. hahahaha. I think I am not used to such nicely cut grass and open space that is neatly arranged. So green~~

It was good to just walk around the area and since this is our first time here we knew what to prepare next time we came here. I often bring my clubs but forget to bring water.... it gets pretty hot and thirsty when playing golf in the open.

This was inside the main lobby... Air Condition Heaven!! :)

My son and I had a good time hanging out in this course and it made us want to play more!!~~ Golf I think is a very chillax sport that the whole family can play and also get some green in the eyes... we tend to see the computer screen so much that it makes me want to go see more evergreen and see far away to rest our eyes. :)

Thanks for viewing ya all!~~

EDIT : I created a video on and still kind of learning how to fluidly use it well. If you guys missed the video here it is~~ Now I have the knowledge to EMBED!! Duuuurrrp!! Cheers!

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