Solstice Waterfall Walk - Wondrous Wyoming

We've done a few things for the solstice and maybe I'll get to another post about it this weekend... But yesterday, it was raining, so we decided to take a drive just south of here a few miles to Garden Creek Falls on Casper Mountain. It was exactly what we needed!

This was the first good look we got of the falls as we approached and stepped onto a metal bridge over Garden Creek.


When we reached the falls up the short trail, there were some people doing a photo shoot for a wedding or something. A cold and wet choice of locations, to be sure! Especially on a rainy day.

We just waited the 10-15 minutes for them to be done so we could approach the falls. Note that few good pictures of the falls can be taken with dry feet!



Garden Creek Falls isn't the largest of waterfalls, maybe 200 feet or so, but that's my wild guess. Sorry for over-processed pictures, I still need to adjust the color on my main desktop monitor. I only wish the "color enhance" feature of Photoscape had low, medium and high adjustment options!

Here is just the lower part of the falls as I'm walking through the creek (ankle deep, so it's not that bad, just cold.)



I got closer and closer to the falls. I wanted a good shot looking up at the cascade.



That's a bit more like it! On dry rocks again and looking up. Maybe next time I'll get even closer, but my camera is not waterproof!

Looking up still, capturing the top tier of the falls.



Then the whole thing again...
And just the lower part, focusing on the rapids below.



One last shot before heading back down the trail.

Stopped again about halfway down - just below the metal bridge... Back into the creek (wearing flip flops...)



Again, overprocessed, but I love the colors, which is what I was going for. The "color enhance" setting might be overkill, but I like it and I don't have another tool on Photoscape that does it as well. So, sometimes, I'll take the overkill in order to get the awesome colors.


Feeling more refreshed than when we left the house, it was a good outing. Definitely shouldn't put it off so long again!

Photos taken by myself in June 2021 with my Nikon D7200.

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