Hike through Maiala D'Aguilar National Park.

Nothing beats getting out of the city and into the forest! It truly is my favourite place.

Since I work from home, any excuse to get out of the shed and head out to the forest I am keen!!

Something about the trees and ferns help me rest.


We found this walk in D'Aguilar National Park called Maiala. Which is about a 30 minute drive from our house. So @terrybogan and I got in the car and headed towards Mt Glorious.

It was nice driving the windy roads up the mountain, as the sunlight broke through the canopy of the trees making a strobe effect across the windscreen.

It wasn't long until we arrived at Maiala.

We are now in Jinibara Country.
Jinibara are the traditional custodians of Mt Glorious as Mt Glorious has spiritual and cultural significance for the Jinibara people.


Maiala is a Jinibara word meaning 'Quiet Place'


Once we parked up we found a really nice picnic area, with BBQs and toilet facilities.
And this bench with an amazing view!


A little bit of European history in D'Aguilar National Park.

The first Europeans to enter the D'Aguilar range were farmers and timber getters in the 1840's


Much of the country around the range was cleared for farming and giant red Cedar and Hoop Pine trees were cut. The timber was then used for houses, some of which still stand today in Brisbane.

There are a couple of different walking tracks here that you can pick your own adventure.


  • the rain forest circuit which is a 2km return walk.
  • Cypress Grove Circuit which is 2.5km return walk.
  • Greenes Falls track which is a 4.3km return walk.


We decided to do the Greene's Falls Track going through the forest circuit, Cypress circuit then out to the Greenes Falls.


This walk is a beautiful trek through the forest!



It delivers a very comfortable walking trail including wooden board walks and stairs.




There was a couple of huge fallen trees along the path.



And they even cut out some steps into one of them.


Hearing the sounds of the forest is so peaceful, the sound of the wind through the tree tops, whip birds singing out to each other and the rustle of Pademelon around the forest floor.

Pademelon are a small marsupial that are like wallabies or tiny kangaroo looking creatures. And are only found in Australia and New Guinea. They are very skittish so the moment they see you they will run away.

I tried to get a photo of one but it didn't work too well but you get the idea of what these little guys look like haha.


It took up about an hour to reach the Greenes falls. We haven't had much rain so there was not much water flowing at all. But it still was a very enjoyable walk.





Once we got back to the car park the return trip took just under two hours.


It was a very enjoyable walk and we look forward to getting back into the forest soon.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy travels!

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