Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall is one of the top 3 most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia.


The waterfall is more than 100km from the centre of Senggigi, this waterfall is very famous here, seems to be a tourist destination that is difficult to ignore. Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall is a waterfall in the top 3 most beautiful waterfalls in Lombok located at the foot of Mount Rinjani and among some of Lombok's dense forests. Travelling by motorbike to the waterfall takes nearly 3 hours more than riding a motorbike, to the place we will buy a ticket at the entrance about 20,000-30,000 IDR for one person if you want a guide you can hire one. Indigenous people guide you to the waterfall (but I think it is not necessary because there is a guide along the way). This beautiful waterfall is hidden deep in the forest about a 30-45 minutes walk starting from the entrance.

There is a small restaurant about 500 meters before reaching the entrance of the tourist area















There are 3 ways to go to the waterfall while you are in Senggigi, one is to rent a motorbike for only 150,000 IDR and follow the directions of google map to go to the waterfall (this form is very popular, just like in In Bali, there are also terraced fields in Lombok, along the way there will be many interesting things for you to stop and explore.), the second is to go on a local tour (this form costs a bit more. than renting a motorbike yourself). Third, you hire a taxi to the waterfall for about 500-600 IDR, but when you want to return, you have to ask the driver to wait for you and take you for the return trip, because at this waterfall location, in my experience, it is quite expensive. It's deserted, so if you go by taxi to get there, think carefully about the return trip, because it's hard to call a car here, and if you do, it will cost you quite a lot.

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We came to Lombok for the first time, so there were a lot of things that were quite surprising and had to ask a lot of people and to learn more on google. The journey from Senggigi to Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfall is quite long when riding a motorbike for about 3 hours, the road is paved with beautiful asphalt, the scenery on both sides of the road is also worth going to. The part near the waterfall is the most beautiful part because along the two sides of the road are endless ways of terraced fields, a wonderful green colour between the mountains and forests, along the way the residents are also quite sparse. almost located on the top of the mountain, we went through many roads to reach this waterfall.

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The best time to visit is in the early morning, because there are not too many visitors at this time, which is very convenient if you want to take a video or take pictures, and when the sun is just bright, it is a great time for us to listen to the stories. The sound of nature, the sound of birds chirping in the woods, mixed with the rustling of leaves when swaying in the wind, mixed with the murmuring sound of streams along the road. When going at a deserted time, it's like you have a whole forest to yourself, quiet, peaceful and with extremely pure air, that feeling for me is very wonderful.


Inside the tourist area, there are 2 waterfalls located deep in the forest, you will meet the first waterfall after about 10-15 minutes of walking, this waterfall is called Sendang Gile. This waterfall falls from above about 10 meters long. However, the flow is not too fierce, enough for you to soak in the cool stream right at the foot of the waterfall. The second waterfall is located even deeper in the Senaru forest called Tiu Kelep, from the first waterfall right there on the left or right there is a signboard to go to Tiu Kelep waterfall, along the long trail. About 20-30 minutes walk, you will see a big stream just crossing the road, the water is more than knee-deep, if the tide is high, it can flood half a person (that's why you should not go late or when it rains heavily), you need to cross that stream to walk for another 5-15 minutes to reach Tiu Kelep waterfall, the way is also quite easy to find because there is a clear signboard along the way. . Follow the rather slippery forest trail until you reach a stunning view of the 42 meters high Air Terjun Tiu Kelep. At Tiu Kelep waterfall, the water is very strong and tight so you need to be careful not to fall, and there are many mossy rocks that are very slippery (now you see the importance of shoes that we wear). Carry). So you need to be careful in your every step. However, in addition to those dangers and slips, when standing next to Tiu Kelep waterfall, you can really see the whole giant and dense forest. The sound of the stream flowing like a big symphony broke the peaceful atmosphere of the forest. The air is very fresh and cool.

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However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when coming here, that is, you must wear shoes with high grip, or sports shoes, you should not wear bare feet or simple sandals because on the way there are almost a lot of grips. moss and the road are not paved, especially the climate here is quite special, it is sunny and can rain immediately after that, if it rains like that, the path will be even more slippery, that is the most basic, yet also the most important thing for you. Secondly, you need to prepare yourself a little food and drinking water enough for the process of visiting this forest and waterfall, because the area in this tourist area is quite deserted, there are not too many shops, and start From the gate, during your journey through the forest, there will be no place to sell food or water, so it would be great if we prepare some for ourselves. The third thing on the way to the waterfall is very empty and it will be dark if it rains or it is late afternoon, so it is best to bring a flashlight ready in your pocket when needed, having a walking stick is even better, I guarantee that it will help you quite a lot during the tour. The fourth thing is that along the way, there will be quite a few boys or people who offer or invite you to let them be your guide and guide, but if you travel in an economical way, I think it's not. necessary because you can go it alone (however, if you have a local guide, even better). The fifth thing is that you need to dress neatly, limit cumbersome dresses because neat clothes will be more convenient and less entangled for our walking or wading process. The sixth thing: if you visit late from 16:00 pm or later, wait until tomorrow morning to come back, because by this time the forest has gradually darkened, and the water is also rising, it will be very dangerous if you choose this time frame to visit the waterfall, of course, if at that time you will not get the frame, the beautiful photos as you like.

Those are the experiences that I have gained during my visit to Lombok, I hope my experiences will be useful to you. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Have a nice and productive day.



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