Kila Senggigi Beach at Lombok Island, a beautiful island in Indonesia.


Lombok is a small and extremely beautiful island, and is close to Bali "tourist paradise". The island is famous for its clear blue water and pure white sand.


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This island belongs to the West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. Area: 4,739 km². In my opinion, this island is as beautiful as its Bali brother. The clear blue water is extremely beautiful and peaceful. Compared to the noise and bustle of Bali, I still prefer Lombok because the beauty is still naturally mixed with a little wild and wild. I spent 2 days 2 nights over the weekend enjoying this beautiful island.
I got to know the island through a recommendation from my friends in Indonesia. I was lucky to have a short time to experience the culture of this lovely neighbouring country, I was there for 5 months and I got myself some local Indonesian friends, they are really cute and welcoming guests.

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How to move to Lombok island, if from Vietnam or another country, we have to buy a plane ticket, fly to Bali island first and from there we will move on by boat to Lombok island from Bali island. , but fortunately for me that during that time I was living in Jakarta, I bought a domestic flight ticket to fly directly from Jakarta to Lombok, in Jakarta it took more than 1 hour by flight to the airport in Lombok. , then from the airport, we move another part about 2 hours by taxi to the centre of the island. From Lombok airport to the centre of the island Kila Senggigi Beach Lombok, there are many modes of transportation, if you want to travel economically, you can take a bus, but there are only a few trips a day for a fixed number of hours if unfortunately, the bus runs out. By bus, you can call a taxi to get to the centre of the island.

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The road is very beautiful and airy, compared to the fast pace and smog in Jakarta or as busy as Bali, here I feel like in paradise, slow pace, fresh air, friendly people, extremely cute. There are quite a few interesting places for you to explore this island and wonderful forms of coral viewing.

About booking a hotel here, the price is very good, and the room is also quite nice if you book cheaply, many homestays and resorts you have a lot of options in terms of price and quality, moving is also quite easy. I booked my hotel and flight ticket at Traveloka app, which is a famous app for selling airline tickets and booking in Indonesia.


When we arrived, we chose to rent a motorbike to conveniently visit this beautiful island, the rental price for 24 hours is quite cheap, you will immediately have a fairly new motorbike and 2 super nice and sturdy helmets. To me, the price is quite good for the quality.



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In terms of food, along the island in the afternoon, there are many restaurants and street vendors selling a variety of dishes, you will have a lot of options to enjoy with me on this trip. I am impressed with the fish dish. grilled fish that I bought on the way, the fish is very fresh and when grilled, it has a quite fatty taste. It is great to eat with the special sauce sold by the people here, it makes me remember forever.


We spent time walking on the beach and fishing for squid, quite interesting, the water is so blue that I can see the fish swimming in the water and also the squids, even though it's very close to the shore, I like the nature here Everything is so peaceful and beautiful. This is a great travel option for those who are looking for a new tourist destination, the island will not disappoint you with its beauty.








Have a nice day. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.



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