Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son Temple in Ha Noi, Vietnam.


On a special occasion, my husband was on a business trip to Hanoi, so I also went with him, so the whole family could visit Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, even though I am a Vietnamese citizen, it was the first time I to Hanoi. Then take a plane for 2 hours from Saigon, land at Noi Bai airport quickly, that is the fastest way to move to Hanoi from Ho Chi Minh city.


We took a taxi to the hotel and rested after a day of traveling, because for the first time in Hanoi, maybe that was the reason why I was surprised by many things. The next day I was taken by my sister to take a tour around Hanoi, the first place I want to visit is Ho Guom Lake, also known as Hoang Kiem Lake, you know, this place seems to be a printing place. Forever in the imprint of every student of Vietnam, because Sword Lake is a place that is talked about quite a lot, and is mentioned by many poems, Ho Guom is like a symbol of Hanoi capital. This place is also associated with many legends and true stories, so far the lake is a famous tourist destination in Hanoi. People in my country tell each other that going to Hanoi without visiting Sword Lake is a waste of that trip. For me, because in the past when I was a child, I read through broken books and heard a lot about Hanoi and Hoan Kiem Lake, so I wish I could go there once to witness the beauty of this place, have the opportunity to walk around the streets. of Hanoi.

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We moved by taxi from the hotel to Hoan Kiem Lake, it took 20 minutes by car, fortunately that day Hanoi was not stuck in traffic, so the move was quite fast and gentle. We stopped at the side of the lake, then walked around the lake, admiring the ancient imperial sword lake, just like what I have seen through books and newspapers, The lake is large, the water is calm, the The rows of trees around the lake have become big giant trees, creating cool shade for tourists on the road and shadowing on the lake surface, still the old house in the middle of the lake, but in my memory still there is also an old turtle, it must be called an old turtle because this turtle has lived for hundreds of years living in this lake. But a few years before I went to Hanoi, the turtle died, the turtle's death was a shocking news for the people of my country, because we consider that turtle a sacred object, and also to The turtle children is a childhood like I used to be, because the turtle is associated with a very famous legend in my country, and it seems that every child in Vietnam must hear it at least once. in life.



After walking around for a while, we came to a very famous place in the area of ​​​​Hoang Kiem Lake, which is The Huc Bridge, this is a famous place in the poetry of our country and is a symbol of the Hanoi people. Interior. At the gate we had to queue to buy tickets, one person was about 70,000 VND, I don't remember very well because it was 2 years ago since I went to Hanoi. Inside, you will see first that the red wooden bridge is very beautiful, the architecture is very special and ancient, this is a very suitable place for those who like cultural tourism. You will experience many interesting things when coming here, the bridge has a very beautiful red color, the bridge was built in 1865 is the bridge connecting Ngoc Son Temple and Hoang Kiem Lake inside, you will see that this place is not too big, but there are interesting ancient features, it makes me feel like witnessing the history of my country, deep inside there will be a very sacred worshiping area. Next to the worshiping area is a place to display the thousand-year-old Tortoise body in a museum-like lens. Viewed from Ngoc Son Temple, Hoan Kiem Lake is more magnificent, more beautiful, because the clear blue water helps to promote the beauty of the lake a lot.










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It seemed that the tour lasted for about 4 hours before we left, perhaps unlucky for me because I arrived here near noon at this time the sun of Hanoi has begun to be fierce. Hanoi has a special thing that, on very hot sunny days, it's a little uncomfortable, Hanoi's weather is quite special and mixed with a bit of confusion, sometimes cold and hot, maybe because it's not used to it. with the climate that after the trip, my son and I were feverish because of heatstroke. Haha.

Thank you for reading my post. Wish you a lot of health.!

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