Visiting Bortir Bill( Wet Land)

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I travel very less. But a few days back, I along with couple of my friends and brothers visted a lake called Bortir Bill.I have heard a lot of its beauty. Never managed to visit there before. Finally day came to withness its beauty and divinity. Take look at the photo graphs taken.

About The Lake:

The place is 30 km (approx) away from from heart of Kolkata the lake is called Bartir bill but name of the place is Berberia. You can find a lot of blogs (vlogs) on the internet. It become very famous recently. I was a fool not visiting it before staying nearer to it.

This a wide spread lake.After cultivating paddy in rainy season when the filed goes underwater, jute cultivation takes place. When jute is cut down , it becomes a wide kake with shallow water and it becomes a home of birds and love birds. People come here for fishing 🎣. People ride boat catch fishes. People also float enjoying the natural beauty.

These are jute stick lined in bunches after getting removed from their thread. The jute is being drown under water for weeks and months for that the thread on it becomes rotten enough to seprrate it from its body. The thread goes different process to meet it purpose.It become pure cotton clothes!!

Enviornemnt becomes more attractive at twilight. You can feel it on photos placed above and below. Here the colour becomes red-yellow. We were only the boys visiting the place . It would be very romantic if you could visit with your loved ones.🤣🤣 Don't worry, I have a plan to do so with her in the heaven floating on a boat meeting shoulders.💏

Divinity Of The Spot:

Surely, the view here is expectacullar. You cant believe without being her. There are several aisle and on the both side of the aisle you find shallow water. You can see your image their. When sunligh comes through the holes of clouds , envirnment anywhere becomes eye-cathcing but here with it you will find divine reflection of clouds in blue-white-red mixed colour and then you find your slef reflecting among them on the water. Such a beauty was unseen to me beofre I withness it.

This is the time when the sun still to advance more to meet the horizon. Bright light reflecting on water surface. The view goes more gorgeous when it gets more dark, at twilight. You have seen the photos above.

This is where we parked our riders.

Though we had no girls with us but we saw a few love birds spending time with loved ones. I took a picture of them after taking permission. They prevented me but I managed them to allow me to capture.

This was really a wonderful ride and spending time at the place mesmurising. I hope you liked my visit to Bortir Bill If anyone wanna visit it, check the google map below to locate it.
The wet land on Google maps

My home 🏠 and Bortir bill. Not so far from here. If you wanna know about it, you can google it by just typing Bortir bill. You will find youtubr videos and google description with a lot of immages

About sourcing images:

All the pictures are taken from Redme Note 9 Pro. You can find water marks at bottom left of each photo. The two photos in the end are screen shot of google maps.

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