TacoCat’s Travels #224 (Genting): Fun, Food and Games at Skytropolis!

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If you missed the last few posts, we're currently on our trip up into the mountains of Malaysia, specifically to Genting Highlands, where there's an integrated resort! I've heard about it a lot but never actually been, and Sean was excited to show me around since he used to go there with his family.

Last week, we finished exploring the outdoor theme park called Genting SkyWorlds!

This theme park is based on some of the movies from 20th Century Fox because they had a license deal last time but they pulled out the last minute after some rides were built so while most of it is based on movies there are some random original ones as well.

The movie based areas and rides are pretty cool though, like the huge Ice Age area which was definitely the biggest in the theme park since it is one of the biggest franchises they have.

After walking around the whole park, we took a few rides to hide from the heat like the Night at the Museum ride which was more of a shooting game similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride in Disneyland.

We took an indoor boat ride based on the movie Epic, which I remember I enjoyed back in the day. The architecture of the ride was very nice since it's the movie has lots of nature and even a bird the leafmen ride on!

We also took the most thrilling ride here at the Sci-Fi area called Andromeda Base which is kinda like the Tower of Terror in Disneyland where the seats are around a tall tower and the ride goes up and down a few times and quite rapidly.

It was very thrilling indeed and we were screaming our lungs out at every drop! I felt like I was going to fall out of the seat because I kept bouncing on it every time we dropped but thankfully it was safe. Anyway, it's time to finish off our day by going to the indoor theme park now so let's go!

12 September 2022. Monday.

After we left the theme park we were relieved to be back in air-conditioning and since we hadn't eaten since we got that huge cone of mustardy curly fries, we decided to stop for a quick snack first.

We went to Sean's favourite snack stall in Malaysia called Liang Sandwich Bar since it's endorsed by Jay Chou but it's basically a Chinese pancake with scallions and fillings.

They used to have outlets in Singapore but I guess the rent was too high to cover the costs and they eventually shut down so now we can only get these in Malaysia. They're pretty good though and we had it in KL too.

After looking at the menu we decided to try the Black Pepper Chicken one since we've never tried one with meat. After placing our order, we waited about 10 minutes for it to be ready!

I couldn't really get a good picture of it because the chicken would fall to the bottom of the bag but it did complement the scallion pancake very nicely! It was savoury and peppery and the pancake was a little crispy too.

I think a chicken patty would've been better with the pancake though since the chicken pieces fell in the bag but it was still yummy nonetheless!

After that we headed towards the indoor theme park called Skytropolis!

I think this theme park worked a little differently in that you don't get a general admission ticket to go on all the rides but rather, you pay individual tickets for each of the rides.

I personally thought this was a better system anyway since we could just pick and choose which rides to go on without any loss.

This was the map for the indoor theme park. There were the big rides on the first floor like a carousel, a viking ship, some crazy sliding rides and smaller roller coasters. On the second floor there was an arcade with carnival games.

Since there wasn't much of a line for the most thrilling ride we thought we'd give it a try. I didn't manage to get a picture of anyone taking the ride from below but it goes around most of the theme park and you lie down in these pods and fly around Superman-style.

It was actually pretty thrilling since the ride goes quite fast and you can see all the people down below you. It was only for a minute but my legs got so wobbly after and I was so scared my glasses would fly off my face.

My hair was such a mess after so you know it was pretty crazy!

After that I think we were pretty done with rides for the day. We went to take a walk around the rest of the park and checked out the arcade on the second floor.

There were lots of carnival games up here where you could win huge plush toys. We saw some people carrying them around in the resort so they must be winnable and not completely rigged.

I was wondering why they call it Big Top but I guess it kinda resembles a circus tent with the overhead lights. There weren't any clowns or animals though.

There were quite a few actual arcade machines as well but none that really caught our eye so I don't think we actually played anything.

There was quite a surprising amount of games though, some I didn't even recognise. This arcade felt really big and I think it was the biggest in the whole resort. There was another arcade we visited on the other side of the resort but I doubt it came close to this.

After we looked around that was pretty much it. There was actually another roller coaster in the theme park that looked like it would've been fun but unfortunately it was closed at the time so we couldn't take it. That one also had tracks going around the whole theme park so we figured it must be pretty thrilling too. Sad that we couldn't take it though.

It was still pretty crowded in the theme park and I think they were closing soon, or at least some of the rides were so we decided to go off. But it was still a pretty nice indoor theme park and for the space they had I think they maximised it with a good variety of rides.

It was getting late so it's time for dinner! There weren't that many restaurants still open and our feet were getting sore from all the walking earlier so we just decided to try this restaurant nearby called Grand Imperial London Duck!

There were still a few people in the restaurant but it was mostly empty and we were seated immediately.

It was quite crowded at peak dinner time when we were walking around the first day though so we figured it should be pretty good.

Their menu had quite a lot of the regular Chinese dishes but of course their specialty is the Roasted Peking London Duck!

We decided to order half of the Crispy Roast London Duck since we were here, and some carb and veggies to go along with that. We also bought drinks since we were pretty parched and I was out of water. They had fresh watermelon juice which I couldn't resist.

The juice was so refreshing after the warm day out at the theme park! I almost downed my whole glass even before the food came but I didn't want to get full from the juice.

Soon enough, our crispy roasted duck arrived and it looked so good!

I think the half was just right for the two of us since it was a good portion. There was a mix of the different parts as well. It also came with a few sauces to accompany it.

For veggies we ordered some stir fried pak choy with fried garlic.

And for carbs we ordered one of my favourites - stir fried Ee Fu noodles with mushrooms!

The noodle portion was actually quite impressive and it looked and smelled so good!

We were afraid it was going to be too much especially with so much noodles but in the end we did finish everything and it was absolutely delicious! The duck was indeed quite crispy and was nicely seasoned so we didn't need the extra sauces. It was tender, juicy and while a little fatty and it was savoury and had plenty of flavour.

Overall it was a very delicious meal and we demolished it after not having a proper meal the whole day!

We were so stuffed after that we needed to go for a walk so we went about exploring again! The great thing about this place was there was still so much stuff open even as we get to midnight so there was endless entertainment.

But more on that next week! Thanks so much for reading!

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