Alice in Wonderland Experience in the Bulgarian Dimitrovgrad

Hi guys, it's an unbearably hot Sunday today and what better and more appropriate thing to do is there than a walk to an equally hot city at this time of the year. But of course, a virtual one.

So, today I want to take you to a curious place that really impressed me. Yes, I know that I do not follow the logical sequence and I show it to you before I I have shown you the city in which it is located. And maybe the city really needs to be shown first. So you can understand why I am so impressed with this particular place. And the city itself has impressed me no less than this place. But! Only now do I understand what it means to write and show an entire city - it's just impossible! So, stay tuned 😉

Today we will visit the so-called Giants Park in Dimitrograd. In fact, this name is not quite official. The points in Google Maps at this location are two and are marked as follows: once there is a point 'The Big Bench' and once - 'The Big Lamp'.


I think the locals just call it: The Bench.

When I first came to this place, it was on a snowless winter night. I don't know if you can imagine this surreal sight: a Volkswagen Golf car was parked in the dark under the glowing 'night light'. The car's lights were on, too, because there were two young men inside. And everything under the lamp was so tiny - the car and the people inside.


I don't think I can ever forget this magical and fabulous initial impression.


I know that local people, especially those with small children, come here for fun. But for me, this place is not just an attraction. This is a landmark, a work of art, designed for observation and admiration rather than for use.


And I did not sit on the chair, nor did I sit on the table or on the bench. But I was standing UNDER the table. And I can tell you that even that feeling is amazing.


Because, look at the proportions:



In the background is the 50-meter high municipal building of the town for comparison.


When I took these pictures, the objects were just being renovated - the bench was being painted and polished, the sidewalk tiles were being replaced. Therefore, the objects were temporarily moved from their original locations.


Except for the lamp, of course.



I took the opportunity to talk to the workers about the author of these masterpieces. Because, as you can guess, there is not much information about it on the Internet. Only his name is mentioned - Mitko Todorov, and that he died relatively young (of course - so many genius people die relatively young 😢).


But the workers, though locals, could say nothing more than that he had died early. They didn't even know his name.

Although he has done so much for this city, completely changing its appearance. And his other works are just across the street: a giant heart and another bench:




I generally avoid taking pictures of people on the streets, but this time I couldn't help myself. 😊

So, what I mean by this post is that the names of great artists should not be forgotten. As often happens.

And I hope you had a pleasant and interesting walk!❣️

Copyright: @soulsdetour

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