Travelling To The Lake of Ooty - Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu

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Todays blog id about my recent journey to Ooty also known as Udhagamandalam. It is a resort town the mountains of Western Ghats of India. This place is so beautiful and peaceful. Ooty lake is a famous tourist attraction in Ooty.

Ooty lake is also known as boat house located in Nilgiri district. This lake covers an area of 65 acres. Ooty is a very scenic place and is most famous for it's tree plantations. There are plenty of flavours that are grown like, Jasmine, cardamom, chocolate and many more.


As I told you guys this lake is a famous tourist attraction it was very difficult for us to get a boat after waiting for so long we hired one and started boating. This lake is a artificial lake which was constructed in 1824. Tha main water source for this artificial lake is the water flowing from the mountains of Ooty.

At first this lake wasn't made for the purpose of boating and stuff buy it was made for fishing. They did fishing with ferries to travel across the lake. Boating was started in 1973 by the Travel corporation of Tamil Nadu for starting boating here for the tourists and the local people.


This lake is very good and unique if you are here on a sunny day it will be the best day of your life. What if tell you that you guys this place place also gives you a mystic view? Yes guys this place is very very scenic and calm and filled with greenery. I had a really good time visiting this lake.

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Love from the Mountains<3

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