Travelling to a 97 Year Old Lord Shiva Temple - Himachal Pradesh

Have you ever been to a 97 year old temple in your town? That sounds crazy right? Well I did.


In todays blog I will be sharing some photos of my visit to a 97 year old temple. This temple is a hidden gem in mountains of Dhauladhar. Dhauladhar is a chain of mountains in Himachal Pradesh. This is the Lord Shiva temple!


The temple I visited is situated in a very hilly area that is covered with lush green trees. Situated at a really high elevation it offers people a great view with a great and clean atmosphere.


This place is really breathtaking and is highly picturesque. Also guys just look at this View once isn't it so pretty? It is right? According to me travelling to such places heals you from inside as well as outside. It brings peace to your soul and your heart.


Unlike any shiva temple this temple also has a Shivling of lorf Shiva. And it is said that the water that passes through this shivling is so pure.


This is a Trishula. Trishula is a weapon of lord Shiva. And it is highly spiritual. Trishul is also known as Trident.


People also keep this Trishula at there houses so that no negative energies can affect them. A trishula is a very divine and holy symbol.


The Indian culture is so amazing and beautiful we just need to explore it a little bit. Today's generation need to be aware about our Hindu cultures and Sanskriti. Being a Indian and having a beautiful culture with every story related to it makes me call myself a proud Indian.


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