Exploring the Mesmerising Campgrounds of Kaisdhar - Kullu, Himachal Pradesh


Hello everyone!
This blog is about my trip to Kaisdhar which is in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Kaisdhar is a campground which is very beautiful and peaceful and also this whole campground is surrounded by beautiful mountains.


This place is just so stunning and amazing. The view from here is very gorgeous. As this campground is on the top of the mountain everything looks so beautiful from here. As you can see even the sky is looking so pretty.


Reaching this place is not that easy, yes till some extent it is motorable but you've to climb half of the mountain to reach at the top of campground.


Fresh air, cool winds blowing and a peaceful mind everything in one place? Yes you read it right. This place is really breathtaking guys visiting this place was just like a dream. Do you guys ever think that visiting a place would be more fun if we focus on the trip.


As me and my family were visiting this place for the first time we had no idea how we were supposed to go to the top as it was dense mountain and didn't wanted to be lost so we hired a guide for us which was a experienced member of the campground. He was very humble and generous also he guided us in a very good way.


I honestly believe that mountains have healing power. They bring so much peace to the soul and your mind.


The time that we spend without our mobile phone, television and other electronic gadgets helps us to live the moment and cherish it forever.


Because not only memories are the thing that we take back with us it's also a thing that you've learnt from the mountains to connect with yourself and disconnect with the world.


We also found a cave at the centre of the mountain but we were really astonished to see that because there was no way a human could have built it because how is it possible to reach in the middle of the mountain. We asked our idea but he had no idea too. It was kind of mysterious and also a little bit spooky.


I had a great time visiting this beautiful campground I hope that I will visit this place again ❤️

Thanks for passing by ❤️

See you soon!

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