Cachoeira do Paraíso | Peruíbe, Brazil

About two months ago I visited the Paraíso Waterfall, which is located in the municipality of Peruíbe, on the southern coast of São Paulo, Brazil.

Looking at the photos, I think that the name of the waterfall becomes totally justifiable. And in person the place is even more impressive. I dare say this is the most beautiful waterfall I have ever been to or at least the one with the greenest pool.



The waterfall is located in the Juréia-Itatins Ecological Station, more precisely in the Itinguçu State Park. It is possible to get to the park gate by car, from the Guaraú road, which is not paved and is not always in good condition.

Normally, during high season and vacation periods, it is necessary to reserve tickets to access the waterfall, because there is a daily visitation limit. As I went in winter, on one of the coldest days of the year around here, I had the privilege of having a waterfall all to myself. Well, for me and for my favorite waterfall hunter: @christiantatsch.



The place has a structure of restaurants and snack bars, run by local residents, where I had the best "pastel de palmito" of my life. In addition, there are bathrooms and parking. From there, the waterfall can be accessed by an easily accessible trail.



We liked this magical place so much that we stopped by twice, to make sure we explored it properly. And, walking up the rocks, we found a treasure: the sea on the horizon seen from this waterfall in the Atlantic Forest. (But the photos of this moment taken with the cell phone dont translate the beauty of this rare view, which was only recorded in my memory).



After this visit, I can say that the Paradise Waterfall is one of my favorite places in the world.

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