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Gangtok City! The Beauty of Nature | An Amazing Travel Memory.

Hello Everyone,

Recently I found #haveyoubeenhere for making travel blog. As a little bit traveller I have some memories and picture to make a travel blog I visited in my life. So for the very first time I am coming to submit a Travel Blog on HIVE by using this awesome community.

Mostly I like travel in my own country's heritage sites. I also visited some famous tourist spot in India. I found out last year that Bangladeshis can visit Sikkim with permission. We was Planning started from then. I told everyone around me that I had overcome many obstacles and got the group ready.

Sikkim is the second smallest state in India. It is bordered by Nepal, China and Bhutan. Sikkim is called the state of dramatic landscape. In the lap of Kanchenjunga, North Sikkim is covered with ice, while in South Sikkim, there is a greenery. The cultural influence of Nepali and Bhutan is much more here Many old Buddhist monasteries, temples have established Sikkim as a historical place, again with all the extraordinary scenery - mountains, rivers, clouds.

The Natural Beauty of Sikkim!

After that, I left on 13th December with the intention of having a lot of fun without worrying about Gangtok (the city of Sikkim). At the beginning, after an 12 hour of journey, the bus went to the border, crossed the border, exchanged money and reached Siliguri SNT. After eating there with the permission of Sikkim, I rented a jeep. As it was a little late, I reserved it without taking stock. From there the adventure begins.

Long Journey!

As we crossed the Teesta River and crossed West Bengal and entered the state of Sikkim, the road began to become steeper. I finally crossed 135 km from Siliguri and entered the city of Gangtok at an altitude of 5450 feet. When you open the back window of the hotel, your eyes water! It was as if all the stars in the sky had come down to earth. The electric lights from the hill houses on the other side looked like a fair of stars from the other side. By then it was getting very cold.

A city inside cloud!

I woke up the next morning and saw light rain outside. And the clouds are coming into the room. I got out from under the blanket, had breakfast of puri vegetables and left the next day to pick up the North Sikkim package. Then I went to ride the famous ropeway or cable car. Although it was a short journey of 10 minutes, in this short time I saw the whole city from above, the surrounding hills and the small houses on it. I was surprised to see how so many houses were built on such a high hill! In many places, farming land has also been leveled step by step.

Clouds are coming into the room!

Then I drove to Roomtech Monastery. Descend a lot from the hill and climb the hill again. I have never seen so many combinations of different colors before. This monastery is amazingly beautiful. He wants to see all the works of art of extraordinary design. And as soon as you enter, a holy feeling comes. Pigeons are eating on one side, some children are playing on the other side. And we got involved in a coin toss competition on a column. And the clouds seemed to be playing. This sun is covered with this cloud, this rain. All in all, I returned to Gangtok with all the new experiences.

In the evening I walked around the city and ate and drank a lot. I have never seen such a clean and tidy city. I didn't see a piece of paper or polythene lying anywhere. Smoking in public places is strictly prohibited in Gangtok. If someone is caught smoking or throwing dirt in a public place, they have to pay a large fine. And everyone obeys the law very nicely. I can even count how many times I have heard the car horn during the whole time. And the people there are also very honest and helpful.

Anyway, the next day was a long journey to North Sikkim, so I went to bed earlier. I got up in the morning and took a taxi to the jeep stand, from there I got into the jeep for North Sikkim.

The jeep we found.

As I headed north, the scenery gradually changed. In the beginning there was light rain, then dry, then rain again. On the way I first saw the Seven Sisters fruit. Ahamri did not look beautiful. After lunch I saw two more falls and view points and in the evening I reached Lachung at an altitude of 6900 feet. Then it started to get very cold. I think the temperature will not be more than 12-14. There is rain on it.

I left my belongings at the hotel and drank hot tea. The hotel was run by a former BSF soldier. He was a very friendly and funny man. Instantly became free with us. He also praised Bangladeshis a lot. And the food was delicious too. Anyway, I fell asleep early at night for the cold.

I woke up at 6:00 am the next day and got ready. Our driver told us to get up at 5.30 but didn't think we would get up so fast. The surrounding scene was not seen at night. In the morning I saw a huge rocky hill just behind the hotel and the water of the fountain was falling in the middle of it. And in front is a fast flowing mountain river. This river later merged with the Teesta.

After breakfast we set off for Yamthang Valley. North Sikkim looks just as different in winter as it does in the rainy season. Although I saw all the white snow in the picture, the rain scene was completely different. Clouds and green hills lurk all the time. And sometimes all the big fountains were falling in sight.

Crossing an impossibly winding and steep road, we headed straight for Zero Point at 15,637 feet. As soon as he got out of the car, he started knocking on the door. Putting on a heavy jacket over three shirts and a shirt, the trembling of the knees could not be stopped. The temperature will be 1-2 degrees Celsius. Due to the light rain, the water was rapidly absorbing body heat. After taking a few pictures by warming his hands and feet in the fire in front of the shop, when his hands were numb, it became impossible to click pictures. Then warm your hands for a while and take some pictures again. And eating hot Maggie noodles helped a bit.

Not long after, I headed back to the 11,600-foot Yamthang Valley. Hills on both sides and a little flat in the middle and a mountain river on the side. Seeing the breathtaking scene and shivering in the cold, I took pictures and headed back.

After having lunch at the hotel, this time we went to Gangtok. Driver Baichung Dada was very scared about the landslide. Because the way it was raining, there were frequent earthquakes in the Young Mountains, so landslides were normal at that time. And if that was the case, I would have been detained for a few days. However, despite seeing 2-3 small landslides, none of them were big enough to close the road. So I reached Gangtok safely.

On the way, Raj, an IPS officer from the check post, joined us as a companion to go to Gangtok. The whole way was cut short by rumors about him. There was a long conversation with Shikha Hindi from Indian Doraemon. The next time he arrived in Gangtok, he said goodbye, promising to stay out of his hospitality.

I gave Gangtok a good night's sleep after eating Domino's pizza last night. We also got some traditional Food there. The next day Jannat, Lamiya and Meher's brother said goodbye and the other 4 of us went to Darjeeling. That’s another long story. I will write about it later.

For now, this was the story of a trouble-free Gangtok trip.

Photography Devices :
My Device : Vivo v9 youth
Lamiya's Device : Canon 1200D DSLR Camera
Jannat's Device : Realme X2
Meher's Device : Samsung A50
These all photos were taken by us. I have the permission to put them on my purpose. All rights reserved © to me on HIVE.

Finally I want to say that I am so new in Hive Community. Even I don't know all the rules properly. I didn't expect that huge response on my blogs. I also saw that a supporter gave me a big upvote called @appreciator. Thanks to him/her. Today I also thanks to all of my supporters. Without your support I could not move forward on this greatest platform.

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