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Today I'm gonna share my experience of the recent trip to Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan.
One of close friend lives in the Neelum Valley of Kashmir, and he has been to such amazing places which we could not even think of. So he invited me and other friends to make a trip and witness the beauty of nature.


We went there for two day trip but took us 5 days to get back to home. The way to reach heaven was not that smooth. It took us about 9 hours to reach Dawarian, in Neelum Valley, a link for Ratti Galli the Heaven. From there it took us about 3 hours to reach base camp. It was late horror night then.
But in the morning, look



We started our hike in morning, there were around 5 nearer lakes, but we hadn't enough energy to hike and just praised three of them. The hike was of about 3 hours.
You could see what admiring view it is, only curiosity to witness the beauty of lake, our legs didn't pause. We had to cross many difficult paths as well.



This is the HANS RAJJ lake. One of the beautiful lakes situated there. We stayed almost 3 hours here and didn't have enough time to visit other lakes that day so we decided to go back to our camp and take head tomorrow.



Next day, our legs were already aching but we didn't lose hope and started hiking for The most beautiful lake I've seen in my life. On our way we saw another lake which was the smallest among all.


And then there came the time to glimpse the real beauty for which we were trying hard and planned this whole trip. We stayed 3 hours here as well but by God none of us wanted to go back from here. First it was filled with fog and we waited long for it to go away and capture the real natural beauty.

This is the RATTI GALLI lake, situated on 12000+ feet from the sea level.





This was the best trip I've been to, and I also invite travelers around the world through this esteem platform for visiting these heart warming views.
Anyone interested to visit, I can help booking reservations or any kind of help you need.

This is the photo of the base camp captured when returning.


I hope you like my story and trip to Kashmir.
Thanks for reading my blog.

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