Cold winter evening in a "Log Cabin" - Kharkiv, Ukraine | Before the war

In Ukraine, winter is very harsh. I used to wear special boots and clothes in winter. Winter might seem depressing but it can be fun as well if an individual involves themselves with a lot of activities. I used to feel lazy in the long winter so last year during the cold winter season, I was taking lessons skiing. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the lesson because of the war but it was fun. In Ukraine, winter means -10 degrees to -25 degree celsius and I have learned to survive in that harsh cold weather.

For my skiing lesson, I used to go to Kharkivs'ka Shveytsariya every week. I took one class per week as my body wasn't a sporty body, so the skiing lesson took time. I used to spend 2-3 hours there in the snow. After my lesson, I used to go nearest coffee shop to grab some snacks and coffee.



It was a cold snowy afternoon, I remember the time was around 4.00 pm but it used to look like a winter night. In winter, days are short and the sun used to say goodbye around 3.00 pm so 4.00 pm means winter evening. So, just like a normal evening, I went to the nearest coffee shop to grab my coffee. Well, this wood log cabin seemed like a nice restaurant or pub but it had a multifunctional purpose. This log cabin was known as ATV Rental Service (Kvadrat Prokat). They not only give rent ATVs but also have tubes, skiing, and snowboards for the customers to rent. People used to rent ATVs to go to the nearest forest in the snowtime.




At first, I thought that this place is only for ATV and Tube renting but later I found out they have a small restaurant space and they sell hot drinks and snacks as well. I remember that evening was pretty cold and after skiing, I was almost frozen. So, I needed something hot to drink and also, some food to get my energy back.

The place was quite nice and unexpected. It was beautiful, completely covered with snow and in the evening it looked so pretty with the hanging string lights. I felt like I am in a Christmas market. Or somewhere in a small winter village which I used to see only in Christmas cards or photos.



I was also thinking about why I haven't discovered this place earlier but now I am happy that at least I have spent some time there.

People normally go to this log cabin to have a beer or hot wine after skiing or snowboarding. Some go there to rent tubes or ATVs.

Log cabins are those that are built from wooden logs. They can make a space cozy and work like insulation. Besides wooden logs can balance the moisture variations as well. So, it was a perfect location to build such a log cabin there in Kharkiv.



They had a bar area and bbq area which was closed when I was there. So, I had decided to sit in the restaurant area.



This was the indoor area where I ordered my coffee and paid the cashier.

This was the indoor area where I ordered my coffee and I paid to the cashier. This room/area was empty but was very cozy. Basically, this area they use for renting out things for example skiing boots, and helmets. This room was the coziest room I have ever seen.




I had chosen to take my seat in the semi-outdoor area which was the dining area. It was cold but the fireplace and heat made the area comfortable. There was a nice swing as well and I sat on the swing as well. It was nice and I was enjoying the moment.

The floor was made of wood as well so the small log cabin seemed like blended with nature.




I walked around a little bit to see the surrounding. A crunchy sound was coming from the ice when I was putting my footsteps. Not a single bird was around, everything was so quiet and calm. Silent nature sometimes expresses silence and I was feeling that silence, I had found some kind of connection with the place.


Some birdhouses were hanging on the tree. They look like old clocks that have stopped giving time. Turley when I was there, I sensed time stopped for a while.

20220131_164428 (1).jpg


It was really pleasant to spend a cold evening there, far from city life...

Some small spots left a significant memory and experiences in my life, this place was one of them. I wish I could spend more time there, I wish I could finish my skiing lesson completely but it's okay. Hope one day again I will start learning skiing from the scratch...

Thank you so much for reading...



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