Beautiful Scenery at Jyaing Gyee beach,Myanmar

Beautiful Scenery at Jyaing Gyee beach, Rakhine state, Myanmar.

Jyaing Gyee is a beach which is about 7 miles away from Ngapali. Ngapali is a town which has beautiful beach and resorts along its coast. It is located in Rakhine state, Myanmar facing the Indian Ocean. From Ngapali, we went to Jyaing Gyee beach with boat and it took about one hour to get there. The sea water there is clear and I found that we can see the sea bed near the beach very well. Below are some of the photos (with their descriptions below) I have taken.

(fig above) We went to Jyaing Gyee beach with a boat like this.

(photo above) When our boat was approaching the beach, I spotted some birds (black heron I think). I saw them diving into the sea to catch fish

(photos above) More visitors were arriving when I got there. Most of them were local Myanmar people.

(photos above) It has a beautiful pond inside. The water was so clear that I can see fish and other creatures in the pond. The water inside the pond has blue colour and it was also call blue water pond by the local people

(photos above)The view from the big rock towards the sea. You can see the panoramic in my video below.

(photo above)The other side of the beach is rocky but still beautiful.

Below is the video taken from the high rock on the beach.

When we (my mon, my cousin's couple, my aunt and me) visited the beach, we passed by a fishermen village and I had a chance to to visit there and take some photos. We bought some fresh lobsters from the village to get them cooked at a village restaurant for lunch.

(photos above) The entrance to the fisherman village

(photos above) photos taken from the village (second and third ones).

We had lunch at the restaurant at Lalay Lodge and then visited 'Paradise Island' on the way back home. We let the restaurant cook the lobsters bought from the fisherman village at that restaurant. Both places are beautiful and pleasant places.

(photos above) The beaches near Lalay Lodge and Paradise Island with my cousin and me in the photos

And then, on the way back, we visited 'Light House' and 'Pearl Island' near Ngapali. 'Light House' is a place where an old light house is located. I have taken a photo of the dilapidated light house below and a few other scenes from the island hill.

(photos above) The dilapidated light house

(photos above) A view from the 'Light House'

(photos above) A view from the 'Light House'

(photos above) boats visiting the island

Then, before we returned to our lodge, we visited 'Perl Island' near Ngapali. It was said the island was where marine oysters were used to be cultivated for pearls. Now, its beach was visited by people for diving to sea the underwater creatures maybe because it had lesser sea waves than other places. Below are some of the photos taken at the beach.

(photos above) Photos taken at 'Pearl Island'. There are many photogenic places there

(photos above) Photos taken at 'Pearl Island' near Ngapali. Children were having fun there because there were less waves from the sea

Jyaing Gyee beach and the beaches near Ngapali are truely beautiful and pleasant. Ngapali also has many other islands and inland places for us to visit around. The local people are honest and there is no crime reported in town. The local Rakhine food are really delicious but but most of them are spicy. You can request the restaurant to prepare the food to be less spicy.

To get to Nngpali, we travelled by plane to Thandwe first and then to it by car. Thandwe and Ngapali are just about 7 miles in distance. One can travel to Ngapali directly by car but currently, the safest mode of travelling there is by plane. Ngapali is a great place to visity but currently, because of the instability of the country peace and politics, I would recommend visiting there by plane.

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6th Jan 2023

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