Exploring and Hiking The Mesmerising Broken Heart Waterfall and Sharing The Whole Expedition


Julle Everyone,

Julle ~ Means Hello in Local Lahuli Language. Also used to Greet Lahuli People.

This Blog is going to be kinda special today as in this Blog I will be sharing my whole expedition of Exploring the Mysterious Broken Heart Sissu Waterfall of the adventures Lahul Valley of Himachal Pradesh.


The Broken Heart Sissu Waterfall seen from Sissu Village of Lahul Valley.

This Waterfall seemed to be so close from this when we reach Sissu after two days of driving from Chandigarh India.

When we hiked this waterfall it took us a whole day for Hiking this beautiful place.


While driving from Manali to Sissu we also passed through Worlds most Highest altitude tunnel constructed at an altitude above 10,000 feet from the sea level.

This tunnel is named as Atal-Rohtang tunnel as this tunnel provided all round year connectivity from Manali to Leh, before the construction of this 9 km Atal-Rohtang Tunnel which constructed above an altitude of about 10,000 ft above the sea level.

Before the construction of Atal-Rohtang Tunnel Manali leh Highway only provided connectivity just for six months in summer and rest of the whole year road was closed bue to heavy snowfall in the road now after successful construction of Atal-Rohtang Tunnel, Manali Leh Highway is motorable throughout the whole year.


After crossing the Atal-Rohtang Tunnel first town we pass through is Sissu. Which is around 337 Km from Chandigarh India. when we reached Sissu it was just a whole new experience for us as I have never seen this place like this before.


Greenery everywhere 😍 Usually this place used to be so dry and harsh as climate conditions here were cold and dry which made this place a cold Himalayan desert.


With use of modern scientific techniques like irrigation and stuff made it possible for local people to grow fruits and vegetables and practice agriculture for earning their livelihood.


This view was just a heavenly view for us 😍 Peaceful cauliflower fields and one of the most mysterious waterfall.


For Hiking Sissu waterfall we had to drive and make our way through the vast Cold Himalayan Desert on our 4X4 Jeep.


While driving we reached at the last point of the pathway where the road just completely vanished,


So we finally decided to park our jeep at a safer place and Hike the Mighty Gorma Mountain.


I along with my brother and his friends started to Hike the Gorma Mountain which is at and altitube of 14392 feet above the sea level.


Due to high altitude of this place it made us feel tired because of low oxygen level in the atmosphere.


We decided not to take rest instead hike slowly through the mesmerising Cauliflower fields.


While hiking we also met a cute Lahuli boy who was a native of this place.


Hike this place was just so much fun as beautiful scenic Mountain ranges were visible throughout the hike.


While hiking through the mesmerising trails for about an hour trails became narrow and narrow.


Which made it so difficult for us to walk through.


These were my friends who were just talking to each other that Please you go first πŸ˜…


The were kind of scared as they were from cities not from the mountains.


So my brother guided them and made them cross the narrow trails of Gondla Mountain.


While Hiking through the narrow trails our main destination was visible. This view just enhanced out energy πŸ˜…


While walking I tried to capture a lovey photograph of a tiny little flower which I plucked during our hike.


Finally we were all successful in Hiking The Broken Heart Sissu Waterfall. This trail was not less than a trail to heaven.


After reaching at the waterfall, I just sat down for a while and wondered that will this Waterfall be the same as it is today? Will these mighty mountains be the same as they are today?


After Hiking and successfully completing this Sissu Waterfall Expedition I felt so happy because every time when I visit this Place I alway use to see this waterfall either frozen due to heavy snow or dry and windy due to Harsh weather conditions.

It was just a dream for me to Hike this Broken heart waterfall which just came true today.


All these Photographs were captured by me using Apple iPhone 12 and were editing using Adobe Lightroom

So that's all for today guys. I hope you liked it.

Thanks for your precious time πŸ™

Love from The Mountain❀️

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