Travel Digest #1306


Hello everyone! This is @ybanezkim26 and I'll be presenting today's edition of #TravelDigest. My head is still a little bit dizzy from the non-stop freediving. I just came back from 4 days of vacation and I have been greeted with a lot of awesome posts! My metric to say that a day has a lot of awesome travel posts is when I have more than 3 potential for feature. This time I have 6! Anyway, in our featured posts, we have the landscapes of Appenzell, Switzerland, a tour around Christchurch, New Zealand, and a hike in Cholfirst, Switzerland. Enjoy and have a great week ahead!

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and the curation trail. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Wildkirchli Restaurant in Appenzell Switzerland by @leaky20

This post is part two of our Schäfler Ridge hike in the Appenzell region of Switzerland. After reaching the ridge we hiked back down the mountain to the Wildkirchli restaurant. There we stopped for a drink before continuing on down to the town of Wasserauen, the place that we had parked our car for the day. If you are interested in reading part one of the hike you can click the link at the bottom of the page.

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🥈 Visiting Christchurch New Zealand: Before and After The Earthquake by @discoveringarni

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, also known as the Garden City. Christchurch features grand stone buildings, Elizabethan Architecture, and lots of gardens.

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🥉 Panorama hike around Cholfirst by @delishtreats

Cholfirst is only 580 m above sea level but the hike was still challenging at times. The trail led us through thick forests, long meadows and many fields. In total, we walked around 16 km and it took us about 5 hours with multiple stops on the way. And let me tell you that we enjoyed much more than stunning views.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Island, Olango, Cebu, Philippines by @intoy.bugoy
  • Island, Cham, Hoi An, Vietnam by @trangbaby
  • Resort, Cha Am, Petchaburi, Thailand by @stbangkok
  • Dune, Gibraltar, Spain by @garvi
  • Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia by @mizuosemla
  • Tourist Attraction, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam by @mizuosemla
  • Isle, Portree, Scotland by @plint
  • Resort, Petchaburi, Thailand by @tinman88
  • Mountain, Himachal Pradesh, India by @sohamghai
  • Park, Gazpiur, Bangladesh by @bong1011
  • Lake, Ostrovo, Serbia by @obsesija
  • Island, Lefkada, Greece by @knowhow92
  • Waterfall, Nemesi, Romania by @gabrielatravels
  • Bay, Ha Long, Vietnam by @alenavladi

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