Travel Digest #1191


Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with today's #TravelDigest. Many of you may have noticed that you're not getting the auto comment from Pinmapple today when you pin your post on Pinmapple. Blame @martibis!!!! Just joking, hopefully he will get round to sort it out very soon. In the meanwhile, just keep on pinning your post onto Pinmapple, and we'll catch up with curation very soon.

All featured posts are visible on the Editors Choice Map and upvoted by @pinmapple, @blocktrades, @theycallmedan and the curation trail. For more travel digests check out #traveldigest.

Our winners today 🍍

🥇 Around the Sea of Marmara. Day 1: Iznik and surroundings / Навколо Мармурового моря. День 1: Ізнік і околиці (EN / UA) by @zirochka

" In one cafe we ordered Pide, in another grabbed some spicy vegetarian thing, wrapped with tomatoes and salad in a fresh flatbread. Vegetables here are always more fragrant and tastier than ours.By the time we picked up the last meal, the streets were completely empty. The feeling was very strange, like a scene from the movie "The Walking Dead". Streets were completely deserted. This is what our dinner looked like, on the shores of Lake Iznik. Just three of us, few dogs and light sound of waves..."

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🥈 Tsuruga-jo 鶴ヶ城 - Where once the samurai fought =/= Wo einst die Samurai kämpften 🎎👹🍣 Fascinating Japan ENG-GER by @maxinpower

"When visiting Aizu, Tsuruga-jo is definitely a must-see, even if you should only come and check out the castle from the outside. If you then spend some time and linger a while in the castle complex, you might even get a little feeling for what might have happened here in and around Tsuruga-jo more than 150 years ago."

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🥉 Slowly Getting Back To My Life | A Day Trip to Clear Lake by @justclickindiva

"The Armand Bayou Nature Center nearby is one of the largest urban wilderness preserve in the nation. It features a boardwalk through the marshes, numerous nature trails, and boat tours offering views of natural habitats for animals ranging from bison to seagulls to butterflies. The Texas Armand Bayou Coastal Preserve features one of region's most popular paddling trails. "

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Honorable Mentions

  • Glen, Fife, UK by @celticheartbeat
  • Cruise, Queenstown, New Zealand by @dabeckster
  • City, Warsaw, Poland by @oleftinka
  • Theme park, Margarita Island, Venezuela by @soyunasantacruz
  • Lake Park, Tokyo, Japan by @rt395
  • Building, Warsaw, Poland by @katiefreespirit
  • Cape Foulwind, New Zealand by @fifay
  • Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso, Zambales, The Philippines by @neihy05
  • Camping, Khao, Phai, Thailand by @thinkit
  • Light of My Life, Fukuoka, Japan by

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