My Solo Plight to Mt. Pulag (PART 3) : The Sound of Silence


It's amazing how you guys accompanied me from one travel post to another. And this solo journey to Pulag will soon come to an end.

We're now on Part 3. In Part 1, we had a quick side trip in Ambuklao Dam while in Part 2, we had an afternoon stroll at the foot of Mt. Pulag or what we usually call the jump-off point.

It's a cold Saturday morning in Carcar, Cebu. Today's the best weather to continue telling stories about my solo trip to Pulag.

If you're ready, jump in! 😍

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Heading home

I remember sitting by the roadside while we waited for Adrian and Chi to finish their business with the officer-in-charge at the Ranger Station. And for a while, I forgot why I came to Pulag. I forgot I was trying to escape something, someone. But then I was left alone while everyone else looked for food they can buy and bring to the homestay for evening snacks or something like that, that's when it started hitting me again.



Then we headed back to our homestay to prepare for the big adventure - the actual climb to Mt. Pulag at 1 AM the following day. I was excited to see Pulag by sunrise but I just couldn't ignore what was in front of me. So I took more photos on our way home. I could just call Ma that day and tell her that her youngest might not come home for the next few months but it was impossible as there were no network connection in this little secluded place up the mountains of Benguet. I was left with no other option but to savor what my damaged eyes could see, for in less than 24 hours I'll be back in Baguio City and life had to go on. I'll be traveling to Baler after this climb.






The wind blew hope

The late afternoon cold breeze kissed me and told me I was in the right place at the right time. I was convinced of the same. But I couldn't help but be reminded of things, of so many things.

I was trying to forget I was searching for answers to questions that didn't make sense back then. My mother once answered those questions for me. She told me that if that guy from Bohol is not interested in me, there's nothing else I could do. I'm very close with my mother that she knew I went to Bohol to meet and to know more this guy and after a couple of weeks, things didn't work out. But I couldn't tell Ma the magnitude of pain and misery this guy caused. I couldn't tell her that after all these years, her youngest was still a poor judge of character or maybe she's just too kind to believe that everyone's innately good, that everyone can change.

We continued walking towards our homestay but we'd stop every now and then to check if there's something else this place had concealed. We were ready to unveil anything else interesting. Took photos with the rest of my new found friends, too.





Then we reached the vicity of our homestay. Some went straight inside because it was starting to get really cold. I preferred to explore more with some new friends from Manila (including our guide, Adrian) before the entire place was engulfed by total darkness.

I had to sit for a moment to take everything all in. It was roughly 30 minutes before sundown and all there's left to do was be present and face my fears - the sound of silence, the emptiness, the uncertainty.

The rustling wind blew warmth in my heart. This comforted me or maybe I just fooled myself. By this time pain found it's way back to my heart. It was like a weed that I killed a few days back but now it sprung and showed itself like an uninvited guest to my life's party.


I had all the reasons to sulk until we're called for dinner but I couldn't sulk all the way without taking snaps of a beautiful moment like this. I honestly don't know how I managed to set the pain aside, but I smiled. I managed to.


If you've been living in the big city and rarely get to spend an afternoon away from the traffic jams and rush hours, you'd be in left in awe for how simple things, like watching the sunset alone, can spark joy and peace within. Ahh, I could remember every moment and it felt damn good.


I was even envious to see how these kids played like there's no tomorrow. There was a hill where they rolled from top down without fear of getting hurt. I and the rest were a bit bother that these kids might get bruises all over their body but seeing their smiles and hearing how they just laughed when they hit rock bottom, we were worried for nothing.



And there the last few photos before we bade the day goodbye. The day before, I watched the sunset in Manila Bay all by myself and now, I'm watching it with strangers-turned-into-friends. Maybe God was listening all along. Maybe He heard my heart's desire to be surrounded with new people who could remind me that new beginnings weren't impossible. That's all I needed to hear from the silence as the sun went back to its mother's womb that night - you are about to begin something wonderful, Pat. It won't be easy but great things are ahead. You just have to believe and continue living one day at a time. So I did. ❤️



We're good here for this post! I feel like dancing right now as we come closer and closer to the peak of Mt. Pulag.

I might take a break from this Pulag series and share a Cebu-related travel post in my next blog. Let's see where my fingers will take you. 😁

See you all and have a blast this weekend you guys! 😍



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