Enjoying evening tea at Chai Shai, Kasol.

Hello everyone,

Today I want to take you to a very famous local Chai shop (Tea Shop) at NEW KASOL.

The name of the shop is Chai Shai. This is because this shop is in the Chai Shai Parking area. I don’t know if Parking is named after the shop or shop is named after the parking. 😅


You can see the shop in the first photograph along with the parking. The shop isn’t very big. It’s not even made out of concrete, it’s just a temporary setup.

There are many hotels nearby to that shop. These are the two biggest hotels in Kasol. The shop is right in between these hotels. I think the guests of those hotels would also come here for this special tea if they came to know about this place.😅


Here’s Chai Shai parking. This parking is mostly filled up with busses and some cars too. We can also see Hotel Hangout in the photograph below. The photograph above shows Hotel Malabar.


The shop might look a little off putting but, the tea served here is just amazing. It contains all the flavours that should be in a Indian style tea. But there was something that I couldn’t find out what it was. I asked the shopkeeper about the secret flavour and he told me that the tea that I was having was made over 3-4 hours of continuous heat.😳😱

That was the fact that made this tea so special.


It was really a great experience having this amazing tea in such a beautiful place. In this photograph you can see the mighty mountains surrounding the place.


This shop also serves many local dishes which we didn’t try as we were full. We’ll be trying those dishes tomorrow and I’ll tell you people about those.


We were sitting on the road to the parking of Hotel Malabar. Maggie was also here. If you haven’t checked out this cute post check it out.



Here’s a photograph of us enjoying. My bandmate got blurred in this photograph.😅


You should try this tea whenever you visit Kasol.

Thanks for passing by 😇

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