Meeting with a famous artist Louis Chanu

At last as I wanted to see him at work.

There he is in his workshop, Louis Chanu with my wife Marian.
Hi all, and today I will introduce you to an exceptional artist.

This is the man that is the talk of the town and in South Africa. I have been waiting for him to return from an exhibition tour, to meet him at his studio and workshop.
So we arranged the meeting and we saw some great sculptures in progress at his place.
Come and have a look.

We left early morning to hit the country roads, as it was some trip.

This was the entrance to his workspace.

You can see some of his sculptures still in the molds, and the front one was recently taken out of the mold.

But who is Louis Chanu and what does he do?
Have a look at these great wonders.

Here is another one upside down, as Louis was busy with the finishing and the polishing.

A client ordered one of these smaller ones, and the orders continue to stream in.

Here he was busy on another of his famous clay figures. Perfect for the houses here in our winelands.
The figure is called "Harvest-time".

He lifted the bucket at the back to give us an idea of what the figure would look like.

This model was made in the mold that you see at the back in the picture there, and that was the old style of him making his sculptures.

Here are some other sculptures that Louis is working on.

You can see his tools and equipment that he uses here.

Finally, this picture will soon also be used for a sculpture.

It was such a pleasure to meet Louis at last, and let me tell you that this man has a great future ahead of him. Many tourists to our country have also ordered stuff from him. Some technical artists from France also visited Louis to learn how to mix the special heat resistant composite that he mixes for his resin sculptures.
The extra strength and heat resistant properties protects the sculptures when they are placed outside in the sun.

I hope that you have had a look at the link that I included above, and here it is again.

And That's All Friends!

Photos by Zac Smith-All Rights Reserved.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

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