Travel Around the World with my Mommy Letz #8




These were the photos we have had back in Autumn of 2018 in Nara. We really wanted to be back in Nara to see and feed the deer again. And so our itinerary that day was Nara in the morning and Kobe in the evening.

We woke a bit late that day since we had been tired the walking and exploring Wakayama the day before. Sadly though, we did not see Tomogashima. This time around, there was a heavy downpour which almost impeded us from checking on our list. However, despite the challenge, we went on and enjoyed.

From Osaka, we took the JR train to Nara. Upon arrival, the rain had not stopped but still we continued. Just on time when we got off the bus and sun started to show up. Indeed, a mother's prayer is always heard. This is a perfect time for us to take some good photos.




After realizing our purpose, we left Nara and then headed to Kobe. We arrived a little early so we decided to take a stroll and discover more of Kobe. We also wanted to experience the night cruise, listen to wonderful music and enjoy the cool breeze. After we bought our tickets, Mom and I took some pictures of the view.







Kobe is alive. So many bars and restaurants are scattered around overlooking the sea. And just before the boat arrived, guests were instructed what to do. While waiting for out turn, Mom and I took turns in taking our photos very very quickly.



We were the last to check in. While inside the boat, Mom and I were both excited for the view, the music, the lights and the experience among others. We listened first to the romantic songs played in piano and violin by the two talented Japanese women.



After listening to their rendition, we went up to the viewing deck. Kobe was beautiful not only during the day but even so at night. Lights are captivating. Music is soothing. However, Mom invited me to go inside as she could not tolerate too much cold.

While on our way down, we wanted to immortalize the experience and share the same to some colleagues. My Mom was very excited and enjoyed the entire cruise.




When we were about to disembark, we once again listened to the beautiful rendition of the violinist and pianist. One of the my Mom's favorites was the Beauty and the Beast. And before we finally left the boat, we had our picture taken with the pianist. She was very polite and welcoming.


We wanted not to take our dinner since we were not hungry. However, as we approached to the train station, we saw a restaurant and we were convinced to dine and savor more of Japanese food.



The soup beef needed to be cooked for a few minutes. This added to our excitement as it really appeared to be delicious. Yes, it was not only delectable at a glance but certainly tasty!



Kobe and Nara trip were really fun. We went back to the hotel that night very tired but contented. Mom was always appreciative of everything. She loved these two places too.

Thank you for reading my feature until the end. Until here and see you again in my next feature.

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