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My Quick Adventure with a Siberian Husky


Ashe is a Siberian husky with four lovely and cuddly puppies. She has been with me for three years now. She is a very loving Mama dog to her babies. Every morning, she would always wake me up so she could do her thing in the garden. But more than that, she always makes sure that these lovely little puppies are clean and well fed at all times.


They are all angels sent from the Heavens. And since Ashe had been very good and a caring Mom, I decided to bring her to the mountains nearby. Do not worry, we went home after the short hike. Ashe, after all, needs to attend the needs of her young ones. She needs not to be tired as well. Just enough burning of calories to release her extra energy.


I drove a little so she would not get stressed climbing up. She was very excited that day and she knew she would be going to an adventure with me. I made sure that the puppies had their breakfast before Mama dog left them asleep.


So here we go, we have started the 30 minute hike at around eight in the morning. Ashe was very much energized and eager to see what was waiting for us.


The sun was up but not too hot. Just enough that we can both tolerate the heat. We went further up to the viewing deck and look for the beauty of nature.


Ashe was a bit anxious at first but when we stayed there and felt comfortable, Ashe loved the view and wanted to stay longer. However, we needed to go down before the puppies wake up.

Meanwhile, my Mom was with our cute tea cup Pomeranian, Sky. They both were having a great time too.


When we arrived home, Yasuo, the Papa dog was there waiting for us. He was still asleep when we left. Maybe some other time, Yasuo will join us hiking too!



Thank you for patiently reading my feature. Until here and see you again soon!

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