Water War Festival in Bandung, Culture to Protect Water Sources

Some time ago, I missed my home. There is a lot of culture in my place. I was born and raised in a remote village. After I grew up, I began to be familiar with modern malls and shopping. I was born in Bandung, one of the cities in Indonesia. The city is beautiful, there are many poets and writers. I once told you that I was a journalist. I still have a lot of stories from being a journalist. One I want to tell you about the water war festival. This agenda has become a festival that is held every year. I got this picture from my friend.

In 2016, the Water War Festival was held in Lembang, Bandung. Where I live, this festival is named “Ngalokat Cai Nyalametkeun Solokan”. This agenda is like gratitude to God for abundant springs. Incidentally, Lembang has abundant springs. the water needs of local communities and farmers are met by these water sources. There are many who work for rice farmers and flower growers. Farmers need a lot of water for their work. Because God has given a lot of water, the farmers made this agenda.

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Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

The festival is in the water source. Agenda started with cleaning the gutter, then some kind of cultural ceremony and last of the water war. For the second agenda, only made by the custom chief. But the last agenda, all the people are involved in the last agenda to be the last cover agenda at the most awaited, all the people will water each other.

This sewer cleaning activity is carried out to protect water sources. And so that the community can maintain water sources so that they remain. Furthermore, this agenda is designed to adapt to the times, namely protecting nature. Where the majority of the villagers are farmers. Farmers need abundant water in their activities.


Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

In other words, this festival is held to maintain and protect water sources. By maintaining this water source, you can maintain the identity of the community. What is unique in this place is that the water source never dries up. Despite the prolonged dry season, the springs never dry up.

I call it a miracle. a water source that never runs dry is a miracle. This miracle needs to be preserved by the community. Yes, people have to take care of their environment. And thank God ha for the overflow of water to do. In this festival, everyone helps each other with this activity. A week before the festival is held, the community begins to clean all the surroundings. All areas must be free of litter. Cleaning should be done until the activity takes place.

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Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

people who help each other, is one way to strengthen kinship. I once mentioned that the area had a lot of farmers. People believe that farmers have an equal position with nature. These farmers never touch this industry (factory). Especially near water sources, nowadays there is a small zoo. The presence of the zoo, it is feared could damage water sources.

One more thing, in this festival there are 70 tumpeng (mountain-shaped yellow rice). Everyone can take and eat the tumpeng as long as it lasts. The thing that makes me sad, this festival is missing for eight years. This agenda was re-implemented in 2008


Picture By Nurdiani Latifah



Picture By Nurdiani Latifah



Picture By Nurdiani Latifah

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